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Thursday, 20 September 2007

Demon Devil Bats Aura!

The Black Aura from Demon Devil Bats Aura exploded demolishing everything in it's Paths.

Black Lazers where firing all over the room bouncing off the walls.

The room lighten and the smoke cleared.

All over the wall laid Blood, obviously from the Strogl.

Various Limbs of the Strogl where scattered about.

Blood was splatter on the Mecha and we couldn't see out of it. WJUK pressed the Window Cleaner button.

The Balcony where Lewis stood was still undamaged.

WJUK and I both looked at each other with a WTF expression.

Lewis laughed and jumped down from his Balcony, 'I should of expected you three to get to fight me. Get out that thing and fight me face to face.'

'Hmm, Can't we just step on him?' I whispered to WJUK

'We could, but we can't really kill Lewis' He laughed

'But, He deserves it, I mean, How many people has he killed.' I argued back

'True, how about we fight him fairly' WJUK said, I gave a nod to agree with him, eventhough squashing him would be easier.

We got out the Mecha and stood face to face with Lewis

'Good, Now I can kill you two and carry on with my plans.'

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