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Thursday, 27 September 2007

Miserable Days

In regards of weather anyway.  Seriously, it was like rain rain and more rain.  Albeit in really heavy bursts.  So if you manage to get home in the few 10/15 minute sunshine breaks then you'll be fine.  Unfortunately, when I was coming home (the first time) it started raining again... Needless to say I got soaked I had to leave my jeans out to dry in the living room.  But I think just to annoy me I got inside and it immediately (no joke, immediately) stopped raining.  I got upstairs (after some food) and it was sunny.  OMFG!  I think god hates me...

I got into maths and to my surprise there was only one person there.  Then an even bigger surprise occurred... Suhaib was early!  By a whole 5/10 minutes!  THEN something even more out of the ordinary happened!  ROB (the guy who was late by 40 minutes) was early too! 

...  < My expression

THEN when we got into lesson the guy who always forgot his glasses... BROUGHT HIS GLASSES.

WTF is wrong with today?  Is it the apocalypse already?

Maybe I woke up to late to see the four black-horsed riders hellbent on Earth's destruction ride out of a giant hole out of the Atlantic Ocean (because everyone knows the gates to hell are under the Atlantic Ocean).

Anyway, the lesson preceded at a relatively quick pace.  And before I knew it I was in Computing.  Doing some IT.  And lemme tell you it's nothing like 'IT Crowd' not even a little bit. 

Roy & Moss - possibly the next rulers of the world?

Although we got to leave early because Daz (Darren our teacher) had to leave early to go to London.  I had a sneaking suspicion that it may because of a certain game launch...

Halo 3.

But I wasn't sure since I didn't ask him.  Hey, I got to leave early.  Everyone knows not to ask questions.

Then I went home and the aforementioned soaking happened.  Great.


After a while I went to my Media class.  And when I got in the room I immediately noticed a life-sized spiderman blow-up doll at the window... talking about creepy.  I decided not to ask any question either... you never know what might happen.  Then for the second week in a row the fire alarm went off.  And what made this fire drill worse was:

1) It was cold and raining outside.

2) The door to get outside was locked.

Seriously, it was locked.  Franklin certainly passes all it's fire safety tests... we ended up just standing in the quad waiting for the whole fire thing to blow over.  You know, if it had been a fire we would have been incased in a wall of fire with practically no way out.  Great.



There is a reason why this update is as late as it is.  Well, my internet broke.

No, I did not type 'Google' into Google (don't try it.  It actually does break the internet).  I think it was the ISP.

I feel like a fool for trying to fix it for about an hour or so.   Damn.  I also multitasked during the fixing, I was actually doing my maths homework at the same time.  Neat, right?  Who said men can't multitask?

But anyway, it's fine now so all's good.  If it wasn't fixed by tomorrow I was going to march down and personally kick down the door and give them an ear full of what I felt.  Displeased, obviously.


Story time.  Yes, and after week (or days?  I can't remember) of endless talking we have finally gotten down to some hardcore action.  Not that hardcore action you dim-wit.  I'm talking about fighting of course.  But...


I have to think of another idea on beating Lewis?  Isn't the 'kill this guy' plan good enough?




'What's the idea?'  Gavin asks as he dodges -rather easily, may I add- a recklessly swung swipe by Lewis.  It seems he had truly lost his mind now.  His pupils were gone, and I think his body was purely acting on adrenaline and instinct.

'You'll know when he comes.'  I reply doing a back-flip over Lewis' right hand.

'He?'  Gavin asks quizzically.  He was trying to figure out what I was talking about.

I broke Gavin out of his lapse of concentration.  'Oh crap.  Lewis is changing again.'  I pointed towards Lewis, whose arms were shortening.  It was certainly unnerving...

Nothing happened...

'Has the potion worn off?'  Gavin asked as we creeped ever closer.

'I don't know...'  I whispered.  The whispering just came instinctively with the creeping and the darkness and all the ninja action.

When we got to about 3 metres away I finally saw Lewis' face fully for the first time.  He had certainly aged (and rather badly for that matter).  His eyes sported bags and were pretty much bloodshot, the lack of pupils didn't help his look either.

Suddenly Lewis flinched.  We jumped back in that instant, swords drawn ready for anything.

Then nothing happened again.

'WTF?'  I asked.

And then it happened.

Lewis' head grew bigger...


Lewis' head grew bigger?!  Does it give him superior brain power or does it just act as a dead weight?

And what is the 'he' I refer to?

Fine out next time.

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