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Monday, 10 September 2007

Franklin *OFFICIAL* First Day

Yes, it was.  Today was my first official day (haha to everyone who started before).

It was actually quite enjoyable.  Ok, maybe media sucked a bit (way too many awkward silences).  But apart from that I had no problems about today.

Maths actually proved to be quite a laid-backed lesson, right from the start.  I met Suhaib (I think that's how it's spelt - cut me some slack I only just meant him today).  At first I thought he was someone else I knew, but he wasn't.

But boy oh boy.  Maths.  There are some truly brainy people there, even more so then I was.  Or maybe because I slacked off during the holidays.  But there was this one dude who could work out some phenomenal things in his head.  Case study follows:

Teacher:  So, who knows what 87439872 x 723874234 is?

Dude:  63295470365058048.  Now when's my Tiramisu ready?

Teacher:  *astonished and placing down calculator*  ... WTF?!  That's correct!  Oh and your Tiramisu will be ready momentarily... sire.

Ok, maybe it didn't quite work like that but it was close to that.

Then there was Computing.  We got to  -for the first time- use the Intranet.  It was alright, not what I was expecting.  For the record, what I was expecting was this:

  • A read carpet.
  • Many squires welcoming me into the room of Computing.
  • Being lead to a throne.  Which I sit on.
  • Then get crowned king of...  er... all England.
  • And have all my loyal subjects bow down to me.
  • Then feast!

Didn't quite turn out like that...

I sat in, turns out Suhaib is in the same lesson.  Which is awesome.  But I managed to get there before him since he went to the wrong room; I actually saw him go to the wrong room but thought it'd be funnier watching it work itself out.

I also saw Kate.  Who was going to English, in the next room.  The only thing she said was:

'OI!  Where's English?'  The OI! part may have been added for comedy purposes.

She didn't even say thanks when we told her.  At least I don't think she did, I wasn't really paying attention.

By the time the lesson started, my brain had already switched off and began to wander.  But I did notice one important, life-changing, crucial factor about Computing.

That lesson we were learning about EXCEL.

Now let's remind ourselves what it says about Computing on the Franklin site:

You will study programming and learn how to solve problems involving complex data structures. Computing focuses on learning the principles that underpin the construction of software and software tools, promoting a developers view of systems. Database and Web page design also forms an important part of the course.

Now, tell me.  Where in that whole paragraph does it say ANYTHING, anything at all about excel.  Couldn't find any?  Me neither.

But I guess that's how the cookie crumbles... or the heart breaks.  Depending on your point of view.

That was pretty much my day.  Good, but could've been better.

Since it's been such a long time I've posted a video, I figured why not?  Here's a double whammy of those beautiful things.


How crazy was that video.  Turns out the machine was called: 'Pop n music' or something.  Sadly, it's only available in Japan (who'd could've guessed?).  Oh and that Japanese dude must totally have a life.  *sarcasm*

Blitz chess. I can see a whole sport coming from this.  What's that?  No way?  Yea way.  A sport came out of this:

You got to say, Japanese people tend to have a lot of time.  Especially the kids & teens, probably because television it pretty crap over there.  Sure there are weird and wonderful game shows over there, but it's been in the culture so long that it's now the norm.  Nobody cares about it anymore.  Us, as outsiders, are like:  'Woah.  That's crazy.  We'd never be able to pull something like that on our TVs.'

Crazy Japanese.

It's time for the story again.

And Gavin has finally posted again (hooray!), still waiting for Kate though.  I saw her today, so she's still upon the face of the Earth.

But Gavin!  What a twist!  Lewis is one of the elders!


'I am not against you.  But I can't leave my brothers.  With the Strogl I will carve a new nation!  A ideal nation where all can leave in peace and everyone is equal.... except me.  I rule over them as king, obviously.'  Lewis said.

'So, basically you're against us.'  I said.

'No no no no no.  You can join me.'  He smiled, it didn't look very pleasant.  He's changed.  'Help me create this ideal nation.  I'll give you seats as royal advisors, generals... ANYTHING YOU DESIRE WILL BE YOURS!'

Gavin stepped forward.  'I think you've become made with power.'

'Of course I have. You ever tried going mad without power? It's boring. No one listens to you!'  Hmmm... I'm sure I've heard that somewhere before...

'Then I guess there's no choice.  I'm sorry Lewis, but you're going down.'  I did a thumbs down sign, just like Caesar use to do it.

'You think you three can take ME down?  The ruler of the Strogl?!  The person who hand-crafted them from scratch and nurtured them!  They are the ULTIMATE WAR MACHINES.  Able to carry on despite being severely injured.  Unfortunately, they are susceptible to death through decapitation.  As I'm sure you're aware.  Even so, you won't survive this upcoming battle.'  Lewis laughed diabolically.  'Attack my children!  Tear them limb from limb!'

The dim-lit doorway suddenly became bright.  We were surrounded by millions upon millions of Strogl.  Each vying for a taste of the action.  Heck, before they even got to us; fights broke out between themselves.  Lewis made no attempt to stop these.  He stood upon a high balcony, watching us intently.  His eye's are different.  He has definitely changed.

The Strogl were inching ever closer, from all sides.  We had our backs to each other just so that we weren't attacked from behind.

'Any ideas?'  Gavin asked.

'Yea.  Kill these dudes!'


Faced with what seems like imminent death, can our fantastic three get out of this?

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