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Friday, 24 August 2007

Not so much a BBQ...

Firstly, sorry for not doing the promised later post yesterday. When I got back I was shattered and pretty much collapsed on my bed. After getting a haircut and watching some TV, obviously.

Anyway, the BBQ was awesome... to an extent. There wasn't enough beer to go around, for one. And for the first 2 hours or so; Daisy tried to hide the Wii. Obviously she was unsuccessful due to my 1337 searching skills. Lol. Anyway, I arrived about 40 odd minutes late. Hey, it's called "fashionably late" and besides I wasn't the latest one *cough* Sheeny *end cough* <- That doesn't work too well in writing.

Well, anyway. It seemed I missed the dog (Lita) jumping up onto the shed's roof. Which I have no idea how she did, dogs don't land on their 4 paws... do they? I'm sure it's cats. Apart from that, not much happened during the time I wasn't there.

I essentially started off the search for the Wii - since Daisy said: 'I hid it! You'll never find it! MUHAHAHAHAHA!' Ok, maybe I added in the evil laugh in the end, but that was the basic gist. So, we ran upstairs to the complaints of Daisy; who came up after us. She came plowing through and jumped onto her bed. After a short while, I was rummaging around her room she just sprang up and shouted: 'NO! BELCHER!' Gavin being smart, blocked the doorway. It turns out that the Wii was just in the (panty) drawer in the spare room. Real original. Kudos to BELCHER for finding it. I think it was Belcher... or was it Leeman...

Anyway, the Wii didn't add much spice to the BBQ/party. Since we were pushed out of the front room after a while anyway, and there weren't many games for it anyway. She had Wii Sports, Wii Play and Harry Potter. She also downloaded some VC games: Mario Kart 64, Super Mario 64 and Super Mario World (which I moved to the far end of the screen. LMAO). There was just one major flaw in the multiplayer. There was two wiimotes and ONE nunchuk. Damn, so 2-player boxing was out. So we figured we play 2-player Mario Kart. Nope, only ONE classic controller. Dammit! So we resorted to Tennis, which I owned Belcher at. I also owned Lewis later on, I was unbeatable!

I can't remember much about it, except it wasn't really a BBQ. And having quite a lot of fun just flipping the burgers and chicken all over the place. Despite numerous suggestions and nudges at Gavin to get the trampoline, he did not. Spoil sport. Apparently Daisy's mom forbade him to get it. Argh! That bouncy castle would be pretty nice right about now.

Eventually most people ended up in the front room again, messing about with stuff. We were all tired and outside was cold anyway. I almost fell asleep there. Then I went home.

That was about it.

Gavin could possibly fill in some holes, cause my memory has been acting up the last... er... 16 years or so.

Remember me talking about my results. What I didn't tell you was I got interviewed by the local newspaper. Nice, right? I was leaving it as a surprise to you lot. And here is the extract (and picture) from the website:

Wai June Lau (16), of Sutcliffe Avenue, Grimsby, achieved an astonishing sixteen-and-a-half GCSEs, including 13 As. He said: "I'm really happy."

Sorry about the watermark, it's just how they do things over at that particular website.

Firstly, the picture. Oh dear lord, why?! You can practically see the reluctance in my face. Also, this photo probably wasn't the best photo taken, but it was the only one there. Ok, end of discussion now. I can't take anymore.

Then the quote. Damn. I'm sure, beyond a T, that I mooched it more than that. COME ON NOW! 13 As! That's got to be pretty good at least. "I'm really happy." OMFG. I said quite a lot of things, but "I'm really happy" was not one of them. But it was funny trying to decipher what she was righting on her notepad. It was just a bunch of swirly lines and symbols. Made no sense to me.

Well, at least I was in the newspaper. If you want the full article here it is: ARTICLE.

You'll find that almost everyone has at least a complete sentence to say. E.g. "With the threat of closure there was a really good team spirt from all." And 'spirt' was a typo by them. Not me. Geez, maybe I should have gone all out monologue. Like in TV shows. If I did it probably would have resembled this:

"I am very pleased with myself. As I had promised myself and many people to do AWESOME in my GCSEs. I WILL PIERCE THE HEAVENS WITH MY... er... GCSES! I will continue to work banishing hunger from third world countries and I regularly give change to hobos. Oh, and I recycle. *Shoots winning smile*"

Sorry, just couldn't resist Gurren Lagann reference. Also couldn't resist sounding like a politician. Hey, it may be my only time.

I also picked up Final Fantasy III for the DS today. I was going not to, but it was just begging for it. And since I had that 10 pound voucher...

It's good as well. I heard it was a remake or something, but I don't care. It looks good (for a DS game) and plays like A FF game. Nice.

Also, Belcher (Tom Belcher, "Belcher's Big Pork" remember?) got a PS3. Which distressed me a bit. As you may have noticed in the chat comments he also wants me to get one. I wouldn't mind... except I have NO MONEY! Damn. I may have a little money, not a lot though. Let's just keep it as: miles away from buying a PS3. If only they dropped the price... to the Wii's price. I could pay that... *hint hint* *nudge nudge* Please pass that onto Sony.

Well now. The story... about that. Hm... I cannot think of anything at all (that isn't cheesy in some kind of movie kind of way) that's why I left the next part for Gavin. Seeing as he plummeted of the face of the Earth (for the... 10th time, I think) or just completely hungover after yesterday fling. I will never know it seems. But in light of the spirit of CBAness, doing nothing and general procrastination. I'm going to leave it to Gavin.

Seeing as I can actually remember this from yesterday. I recall Kate asking me (these exact words): 'Can I become a correspondent of your blog?' Now, I think I was partly-wasted by then and had no idea what correspondent meant anyway. I agreed... I believe. But I promise is a promise. An invitation is going out right after this post. Besides, Kate writes some brilliant stuff. Seriously, she does. She gets like As in English etc. AND a teacher found out about her blog and is very pleased with her writing style. LMAO!

Anyway, invitation is going out.

Hopefully we'll have a new team-member by tomorrow.


EDIT: I only remembered this because of Daisy's comment. Which I only just read minutes ago.

Apparently our Drama teacher isn't very happy about our Drama grades - as it seems the highest anyone got was a C. Which is weird since I was 12 and a half marks away from a C, while Dan A was 12 marks away. And the final test was out of 40 marks. That's kinda sucky. So he's appealing... or something. Sweet.

And in more blog-orientated news. Kate has already accepted the invite and has started blogging. YAY!
Welcome to the team.


Leeman said...

Have a look at my picture then!!
Bloody hell I hate posing.


WJUK said...

lmao, priceless.

Absolutely priceless.


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