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Monday, 27 August 2007

More Pictures

Because WJUK posted pictures of the bbq i've found more he didn't have

Right naming all of these is going to be hard to follow
Back row: Daisy,Laura,Tom, Sami, WJUK, Lewis, Sheeny, Chelly, Mike, Tom

Front Row: Alex, Matthew, Kate, Me(Gavin), Ashley

I know its a small picture but deal with it.

This is a better Picture

Back row: Matthew, WJUK, Sheeny, Lewis, Tom
Front row: Laura, Me(Gavin)

I look odd, gripping my teeth together, lol
And Lewis, this is one of many faces of Lewis, One day i will show you more =P

Also, Earlier WJUK posted a video of Tony Jaa, so I've decided to round up a few fight scenes I enjoyed =P

Tony Jaa again, this one kinda went alittle over the top with the bone breaking sounds but its still an good display Thai boxing.

Jet Li, one of the ending fight scenes in Unleashed, Jet Li is an amazing martial artist.

OK, now, any collection of fight scenes is uncomplete without the best martial artist ever.

Yep, Bruce Lee. I really shouldn't need to explain anymore.

I've decided to take a day off the story writing, although tomorrow I will post the next install them, I think I've left you all enough entertainment up there. ^

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