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Tuesday, 14 August 2007

CBA Tuesday!

Yea.  Just made that up on the spot.

I woke up at 3 'o clock today.  I am seriously not joking.  Last night I slept at... 5, I think.  Damn, was I shattered.

Good thing I keep my DS on the table next to me.  I spent the next hour or so, after waking up, playing Pokemon Diamond.  It was the game card in the DS, and I cba to change it.  Hence title of post.

Not much else happened today, only that I found out that I clocked up about 40 odd hours on Pokemon Diamond.  That was after today's play time.

I also started watching One Piece Movie 8 on the Wii.  But then stopped, since it's just a retelling of a previous anime arc.  The 20 odd minutes I watched were still funny though.  But I swear they were ripped straight out of the episodes.

Then at about 5.  I came upstairs (after eating) to find that the blue light had come on for the Wii.  That means a email has come in.  I got pretty excited, because: A, I don't get much emails on the Wii - it's not just me either.  It's hard to name one person who gets daily emails.  Unless it's like newsletters.  And B, over in US of A (those b*stards) they got an email a week or so ago from Nintendo.  Concerning Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and stuff.

I opened it up.  And got even more excited since it was from Nintendo.  But then as I scroll down...

It's only about updating to the newest system version.  Great.  It supposedly solves the crashes you get when resetting the internet channel and some other stuff.

That's my day in a nutshell blog post.

Damn that Gavin.  Leaving me to do all the work with coming up with a plan...

I would also like to know how he came up with the name:'Yogudima' It sounds Japanese.

It'll be funny if he did what I did to get the name: 'Strogl'  I simply pressed random buttons until I got a name that sounds appropriately alien-like.


Yogudima let out a resentful sigh and proceeded to talk.  'I'll probably be doomed to an eternity in Kaudh for revealing the plan to low-life minions like yourselves...'  Kaudh is probably something reminiscent to our hell.  'but I have no choice.  I am bound by honour.  And to lose one's honour, is a fate worse than death.'  I let out a sigh of relief.  Good thing these creatures have honour or else we'd be screwed.

'Ok, Yogudima.'  I had trouble saying it aloud, but I managed it.  Even if it sounded it bit different to what he said.  He didn't bother correcting me.  'You've had your talk.  Now, tell us the plan the Strogl race has.'

Again, Yogudima let out a sigh.  This time more sorrowful than resentful.  I almost felt sympathetic to the poor soul; to be captured by ones considered to be weaker and have his army leave him for dead.  'Very well.  Inside my right claymore is the plan given down to me by the elders.  If you can break the claymore, the plan is yours.'

'Wait.  That's not fair.  You said you'd tell us the plan.  Not break it out of a big-ass claymore.'  I said in frustration.

'That's the most I can do.'  He didn't sound like he was lying.  'I don't know the plan.  I was meant to open it on the 5th night of the attack.'

I walked over to his gigantic claymore and attempted to try and lift it.  I couldn't.  It was heavy.  At least 2 tons, I reckon.  Gavin & Gimely came over to help.  I held the hilt while Gimely manned the point and Gavin the main part of the sword.  We lifted with all our might.

We were able to lift it about a metre of the floor - to the shocked surprises of the crowd and Yogudima - before we lost grip and it fell clattering to the floor again.

Gavin spoke breathlessly.  'How about we just smash it where it is?'

I nodded.  Not wanting to waste any more energy talking.

Gavin, Gimely and I drew one sword each.

A man stepped forward from the crowd and spoke aloud to us.  'You can't smash that!  It's tritanium!  Not even the Strogl with their inhuman strength can smash it!  The only way to smash it is when it's molten hot!'

We paid no heed to the man and struck down.  A loud clang echoed through the silent crowd.  A gust of wind came blowing out from the impact.  Many people at the front of the crowd were knocked off their feet.

It worked.

I turned to catch Yogudima's priceless face.  He was shocked - as were many others.  I turn back to find Gavin had already found the plan.  I walked over.  It was folded in two.  On the front it said:


The Strogl sure are inventive, aren't they?

I leaned in closer as Gavin started to open it.  This is what was imprinted upon it:

The three of us spoke in unison: 'W... T... F...?'


Is this the Strogl's idea of a joke?  Is Yogudima toying with us?

I have no idea.  What I do know is that... it's eating time for me.



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