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Friday, 3 August 2007

finishing the fight

WJUK and Gimely attacked first using the speed to their advantage. Their Mecha ducked easyily under the agents punch and then sweeped his legs.

I saw my opening and went airbourne and landed a powerful punch to the agent head.

The agent had managed to dodge it or did I miss him.

I quickly jumped off and prepared myself for another attack with WJUK also ready.

This time the agent launched a fist at me which was easy to dodge. I grabbed his arm and held him steady, WJUK took a rugby tackle...He sailed right on through the agent

'Whats going?' I asked WJUK, 'We can we hit him?'

'I'm not sure' WJUK said who was also confused

The agent left out an evil laugh (MUWHAHAHA) 'You can't hit me, no one can!'

WJUK drew his sword and leapt at the agent swinging wildly with no success. The agent just kicked him in the chest sending him stumbling backwards.

'See? No one can hit me with simple melee attacks, FOOLS!'

'Gavin! Press the button!' Gimely shouted. I pressed the green button and a loud echo saying 'Nuclear Weapon mode entered' The agent started to look worried.

I fired a Missle at him. It hit the agent leg as he tried dodging it but it caught his leg and blew it off.

He was limping, 'One more Gavin!' I heard WJUK shout

I fired one more which hit him square in the chest! BOOM! He was finished.

We all got out of the Mecha.

'Time to hide these properly' Gimely snarled at WJUK

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