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Saturday, 18 August 2007

BBQ... tomorrow!

Yes, the long-awaited BBQ is upon me (soon).  And I'm eagerly anticipating all the glorious food that's going to be there.

But there's a problem...

Apparently the weather's not so fine tomorrow, like today (it's been raining for 2 hours now).  And when having a BBQ a major factor is the weather.  Sunshine to be exact.  And lots of it.

Not having fine weather with the BBQ is like...  Jak without Daxter.  Or Ratchet without Clank.  You get the point.  But I also heard it's going to be under a gazebo or something... which is going to be weird.  Why?  Because the smokes gonna go up... and up... and up... and hit the ceiling of the gazebo.  That's not good.  That's why good weather is so important in contributing the a awesome BBQ.  So, everyone out there; please pray for good weather tomorrow.  If not for my sake... than for the children's sakes.


Actually, I think there are children there.  Damn.  Children and BBQs generally aren't a good mix.

Received news just today (right from the lioness' mouth) that Daisy is actually going to start a blog.  That's going to be weird.  I'm having epileptic flashes of pink, for no apparent reason.

But I also heard that she's also having Laura and Matthew become authors of the blog too.

Obviously, this revelation comes after she saw this awesome blog of ours and wanted one of her own.  It was literally out of the blue in the IM conversation.  She just randomly typed in:

'I want a blog!'

That's it.

She also asked me for advice and what not.  Which I duly give her, I've given up on trying not to.  Trying not to generally leads to hours upon hours of incessant nagging followed by repeated nudges (in real life as well).  And since it's online, I can't chauffeur her over to Gavin.  Damn.  I hate to say it, but:  I guess the internet does have it's limits.

Actually though, I'm quite pleasantly surprised.  I never thought that she'd have the will power and stuff to go ahead with it.  And I wouldn't mind reading it since the three people blogging are... how'd I say... kinda insane.  And I put that in a polite way.  Laura's not that insane though, which meant bring a sense of realism to the blog.

The last I heard was Daisy getting stuck on the name of the blog.  Which she actually put: 'stuff on the name'  she meant stuck.  She didn't correct her mistake.  I didn't bother to either.

And as of just a second ago of writing, I got a response.  Finally.  Click here to check it out.  HERE!

UltraViolent Lights?  Hm... I'm surprised that name isn't already taken.  But nevertheless, it has got my stamp of approval.  They'll gain some experience with posting and stuff.  And it kinda looks like they need it.  Also they've got to learn to exaggerate stuff and make it more entertaining.  I always exaggerate with stuff, it makes things a whole lot better.  Even my penguin agrees.

It's going to be official on the blog roll right after I finish posting.

I have no doubt that Daisy's going around now posting the link everywhere and sending the link to every friend she knows.  Heck, I went through a phase like that.  At least, I think I did.  It's too long ago to speak of.


As a quick note at the end of this section: 

An epic battle will ensue.  Two enter the arena.  One leaves as a man.  The other... a loser.  What is this thing I speak of?

Mario Strikers Charged Football.  Yes, Lewis has challenged me (once again) to a game.  As gentlemen we have chosen a time and place for the match.  And conveniently it's Daisy's house.  :)  Because of the BBQ we can have the match there.  Although... I'm unsure whether Daisy has MSCF...  she has a Wii...

It's time for this blog's (almost) permanent feature!

Damn you Gavin!  For making me think something up anyway...


'Woah woah woah!  Halt the fast-ass train to crazyville!'  That just came off the top of my head.  'So, you're telling me.  Those bad-ass, humongous-looking, insect-like creatures were made by men?'

The lady readjusted in her seat, she seemed somewhat insulted by my sudden outburst.  But she sat up straight and replied clearly.  'That is correct.  According to the rumour anyway.'

'Ok.  Don't tell me.  The three scientists were messing around with human genomes and DNA and whatever.  They start mutating the cells and stuff etc.  And they end up with those... those... monsters.'  A memory came into my head.  The memory of Yogudima being dragged away, kicking and screaming.  It was there for only a second, but it clenched my mind to exhaustion nonetheless.

'Actually that's partly right.  According to the rumour, the men were actually doing something about how the skin reacts to nuclear energies.'

'Oh great!  Nuclear!  It's like Stalker all over again!'  Gimely cried out this time.  I guess the video games rush right to his head.

'Ok.  I've had enough of these interruptions.  If you want me to tell you it.  Just shut the f*ck up.  Got it?'  We nodded.  Gimely regained his composure.  'Good.  Now where was I... Ah yes.  About the experiments.  Well the three men - who are not named or identified in anyway - found something interesting.  Very interesting indeed.'  It looked like Gimely was about to make another smart-alec remark again and proceeded to open his mouth.  He then gave it some thought, thought better of it and shut his mouth again.  The lady carried on, not noticing.

'What they found were... a hidden chromosome.  This chromosome has stayed hidden and inactive in the human genome for millennia.  It had not shown itself to any scientists of old who studied the human genome extensively... but only revealed itself when blasted with radiation.  The humans obviously didn't survive the continuous doses of extreme radiation and died.  But there altered genes were extracted and used to create other creatures...'

'The Strogl...'  Gavin murmured.  As if it was taboo.

The lady simply nodded.


Oh... freaky, right?  Sci-fi and sh*t going into the story now.

Also, this post took waaayyyy longer than expected.  Partly because the post is doubly long... frickin bloody long actually.

And because I had to explain to Daisy how to register people on the Wii.  Talk about multi-task.  It's normally hard enough in person... but using just words to type and no motions to describe a task and stuff... harder than it looks.

She's also trying to make my Mii now.  According to her (taking right out of conversation window):

"I've made everyone but you :S"

Why, gee, thanks.  I feel so special.  lol

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