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Saturday, 11 August 2007

A new weapon

The strogl starting to back away from Gimely, quivering in its armoured boots.

WJUK and I both ran past Gimely and swung all of the 5 swords we had at the Strogl. It blocked all the attacks with ease and punched WJUK flying and kicked me into an airbourne spin.

'You alright WJUK?' I asked standing up slowly with help from my swords. My ribs felt like they were broken

'Yeah, just alittle cut' WJUK said holding his mouth with was bleeding.

'Move aside you two!' Gimely said furiously holding a claymore which he had just grabbed.

The Strogl started to back away after seeing Gimely with the Claymore.

Gimely dashed at him like Yoda unleashing several attacks which cut the Strogl

'Remember Gimely, You need to behead it' WJUK shouted, this moment was far to entertaining, both me and WJUK were laughing. '

Hey, You think they are scared of penguins that why they destroy them first?' I asked WJUK

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