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Friday, 24 August 2007

let's get ready to rumble!

..Or let's not!

(I have "fond" memories of that song, by which I Aaron "midget gem/dancing dude" Pritchard was singing/humming/whispering it all through most of the exams)

..Aand now it's in my head.

I'm Kate, I'm awesome and I can't help but wonder if the wizarding world is real and that JK Rowling is spinning a story from her memoirs. Harry Potter is clearly a pseudonym and she personally did all those things.
It's funny, I don't actually remember asking to write on this blog, but here I am.
And as you see above, I have the right mentality to write for my dearest June.

As he is being a total n00b by ignoring me on MSN (well.. he's away, but I'll make it sound worse) I'll post the picture of the dog on the roof, which I so lovingly captured.

Wow, so anyway, here's the picture of the dastardly dog on the roof!

I remember looking at it (the picture) and thinking it was probably one of the best I've taken. It brought a tear to my eye.

Wow my scalp is bleeding.
That can't be good.

Oh well, life is good.
I was thinking of making this blog a tad bit more girly, but I think I'd be removed straight away so I shall resist. Can I mention women's problems? And fan-girl openly?

No, I don't really talk about gaming, or badminton, or ninjas, or that ridiculous story that gets more and more ridiculous - but I'm damn good at English. And spouting Harry Potter knowledge. But all in all, I'm damn good.

It's really annoying. Out of my older relatives, I have the best GCSE results but I won't get jack-shit for it because my sister didn't get anything (and she did poorly! ..PISS POORLY).
Dammit. I was the first person to pass maths in three generations.

...Well, this has been complete waffle hasn't it?
I'm usually less waffling, but it's late and I have been eating Minstrels and loving life.

Oh, and my music recommendation of the ..well, day: Arcade Fire - Black Mirror. especially in headphones. The hair stands up on the back of my neck. siriusly.
(This isn't an official part of my posts, I just haven't stopped listening to it all day now and wanted to share)

You say goodbye, and I say hello.

1 comment:

WJUK said...

For the third time in... 10 minutes.
Welcome to the team.

Oh and you can write about anything you want. I don't care, I'm sure Gavin doesn't much either.

Just be sure to keep the profanity either about Gavin or someone else. Would help. lol ;)


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