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Friday, 10 August 2007

The Strogl

Alright, nothing much happened for me today.  Which is weird... because something interesting always happens to me.

Anyway, so I'll skip the monotonous information about my day and get right into the next installment of the story.

After grabbing our swords we rushed outside.  Joined by the woman (who, may I add, we still haven't gotten the name of - I guess we're no good with formal introductions...).

And there in the sky were warships.  Lots of them.  It feels like they were blotting out the sun.  I looked up and noticed something.

'Hey, doesn't it look like something is falling?'  I asked the blonde-haired woman.

'Yea, that'll be the Strogl.  Here comes the first wave.  Get ready.'  She her gripped tightened.  I'm having a bad feeling already.

Sure enough, the falling objects were Strogl.  They came down, quick as lightening, and landed in a dust of hazy white dust (the artificial cloud was white - like a cloud, duh).  In the short moment after the dust had cleared and before everyone dived into the fight, I caught a glimpse of the aliens.

They were large, at least 3 metres tall.  There body a shade between marine blue and dark green.  There bodies, insect-like.  With an abdomen at the end of them.  They had 4 arms, the bottom two much larger than the top two.  I reckon that the top two were for the delicate jobs - they could just about reach the mouth.  The bottom, much larger arms wield two extra-ordinarily large claymores.  Then their heads... it seems they wear something reminiscent of a helmet atop their heads.  So it was unclear to me what their heads actually looked like.  Good.

Then the frenzy started.  The people who battled before ran in without haste.  Slicing and dicing as they went.  Even the woman who saved us ran in - prepared and willing to die for her planet.

We just stood there, although we were quite reckless - we aren't so reckless as to not observe the enemy's movement's at least a little bit.  There were less Strogl then there were humans.  But each Strogl could take on at least 5 humans.  4, maybe if they were extremely skilled.

I said aloud to Gavin & Gimely.  The battle generated more noise than a rock concert.  'I guess it's now or never.  The woman did save our lives.'

Gavin and Gimely had to lean closer and cup their hands around their ears to hear me properly.  They nodded, almost in unison.  And we all turned back towards the battle.

At that exact moment, a Strogl had killed off his opponents and headed towards us.  He was dressed differently to the normal Strogl.  It seems he wore more armour.  Instead of the conventional helmet, he wore full body armour.  A chest plate, arm guards.  Everything.  He noticed us and came barreling towards us.

It dawned on me:  This could be the hardest thing we've ever fought...

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