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Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Results Day tomorrow (and BBQ)

As you may know by now, after by incessant talk about it, GCSE Results Day is tomorrow.  So, is the BBQ.  Which gives me quite an eventful day.  Add in the fact that in between getting the results and the BBQ, that I'm playing badminton; only makes it one hectic day.  Hell, I've been having a hectic week.  On Sunday there was that crappy BBQ, then a day of rest.  On Tuesday there was the badminton tournament, then a day of rest.  Then tomorrow is GCSE Results Day!  Phew, that's quite a busy schedule I have.  And to think I'm going on holiday soon, busy me...

I was woken up today by my mom.  Nothing special, right?  ... Wrong.  She was shouting from downstairs (just like in the movies and TV shows): 'Go pick up the phone!  It's a teacher... or something.'  I then replied using a half-assed system of murmurs and groans.  This continued for a while, until I couldn't bear the thought of hearing the word "phone" anymore.  I slumped up onto my wall and proceeded to stagger my way through to the phone.  I'm sure I didn't drink anything the previous night, but I had the most splitting headache.  Most probably have been the time I woke up at.  12 'o clock.  Sheesh, that's like 3 hours less sleep I had.  Which means I only got about 9 hours sleep today.  The horror.  Anyway I got asked to go into school tomorrow at 8:45.  Damn, even more sleep.  I think I agreed, I can't quite remember (splitting headache didn't help either).  And I recall dragging my sleeping body back into bed... only to find I couldn't get to sleep again.  Damn you stupid school system which means you have to call so early.  DAMN YOU!

Well, at least there's the BBQ to look forward to.  Apparently Daisy and Matthew bought a bunch of sausages called: 'Belcher's Thick Pork'  you might not get that as much.  It's just that one of my friends is called "Tom Belcher" but teen-rebellion and all that crap, in all it's glory, means we call him 'Belcher.'  LMAO.  If you still don't get it... I give up.  In the same blog post she said she's hiding the Wii!  NOOOOO!!!!  I still have a grudge match against Lewis.  Although I have no idea where to get a copy of MSCF and a extra nunchuk.  I'm not taking mine...

She also didn't manage to get a bouncy castle.  Damn.  Damn damn damn damn damn.  Double damn.  That's really bad, nevermind pathetic.  How many people could be renting out bouncy castles this time of year?!  Come on now!  That sucks.  Majorly.  Not even the chocolate fountain could make up for it... although it gets awfully close.

Well, that's about it for my day.  You'll get all the news of tomorrow... tomorrow.  Duh. 

It's gonna be a helluva day.

Next installment of story follows.  Please be calm and scroll down.









I just felt kinda random, so that was the result.  RaNdOmNeSs FTW!


'This invention.  Ho, your going to love it.'  He stopped as if to build up the tension.  Drew in a big breath and said: 'It's a state of the art flying machine, with the ability to travel at a speed of Mach 10.  A speed currently unachievable with even the most advanced aeroplanes.  The unique attachment system means that it's possible to customize the ship to your heart's content.  You could compare it to lego, the attachment - I mean.  The computer AI is also so advanced that the level of detail is can provide - even to those that are technically inebriated - is outstanding.  It is truly the best ship you can get.'

We were left pretty speechless after that.  Even Hilda couldn't find anything to say, which is weird seeing as women always seem to have something to say.  A quite lengthy pause followed.  With Bob still in his "Are you excited?" pose all the way through.

I decided I better break this pause.  '... Er... Damn, that's pretty good.'  Bob didn't look very pleased so I played up a bit.  'Actually, that's better than good.  Way better.  It's awesome.'

He looked a little bit more pleased.  But he cheered right up when the others agreed and started to clap.  Bob even did a bow to show his content at our reactions.  I wiped a mental sweat out of my brain.

Gavin stepped forward.  'So, are you going to show us inside or what?'

'Oh, I'm going to do better than that.  I'm going to show you a test drive.'

I immediately made a "interesting..." face.  And I'm sure the others did too.  We followed him toward the ship.  The ship seemed to have a mind of it's own as it opened up as we approached it.  The way we got in reminded me of the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars.  We got in and despite it's size it was surprisingly big inside.  Much bigger than you expected.

I was about to inquire about the size of the interior when he said: 'Strogl technology.  I picked it up at the crash site of one of the downed ships.  It's amazing.  It causes an influx in time itself.'  I was left pretty bemused by that statement but he explained further.  'It means that I can fit this large space into a small space, which is the ship.  Awesome, right?'

'Now, I understand.  That's frickin awesome.  If only my home was like that.'

We continued and got to a steel door.  It opened up automatically and we were greeted by a voice.

'Welcome to the bridge.'  It was female again.  Why does a robot voice always have to be female?

'545, resume holographic form.'  Bob said aloud as he jumped into one of the seats.

'Understood.'  A projector came out of he ceiling and light beamed towards the middle of the room.  There was a platform there and a woman appeared.  A holographic image of a woman.  'I am 545, the AI aboard this ship.  Nice to meet you.'

As you can imagine.  Jaw-dropping commenced.


AI?  Holograms?  545?  Sci-fi action thriller, anyone?  ... Anyone?

Anyway, what does all this mean?

One thing (probably) we're going to get some space action soon.


Space, the final frontier...

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