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Monday, 13 August 2007

Drowsy Monday...

*yawn* I'm bored.

Nothing much has happened today, although I did finally get my Hori Black DS Games Case.  So all's good.  Now I can carry the game cards on the go.

It was also funny when Gavin decided to IM me.  I don't keep a history of my conversations - even though I ought to, since some of them are really really funny.  Especially the ones concerning either Daisy or Gavin.  It seems all Daisy ever does it shout at me (figuratively speaking, since it's all text).  But I've had less of that ever since I referred her to Gavin.

WJUK 1, Gavin 0.

Well, anyway.  I digress.  Before I went on that off-topic talk, I was talking about the conversation that happened.  It started something like this:

Gavin: you bitch as if I have to describe the face

Me: lol, i laugh at u.  the only reason i did it was becos i knew you wudn't like it.

Gav: i repeat.  u bitch

Me: lmao, this is beyond hilarity

HALF AN HOUR LATER - After I ate dinner

Gavin:  HAHA!  I found a way around describing the face.

Me:  lmao, you sly devil

<Intermission> <Intermission>

Sorry about the intermission.  In that one line, I went out.  And played badminton.  Yet again.  I was sat here and my dad burst and a this conversation ensued:

Dad: We're going to play badminton

Me:  WTF?  It's like 8 'o clock at night!

Dad:  I know, and we have 5 minutes to get there!

Me:  WTF?  What?  It's starting at 8?!  (It was 7:55)

Dad:  Yea.  So haul your ass.

Me: *grumble*

Dad:  What?  What was that?

Me" *sigh*  Nothing...

Yea.  Not much happened.  Met some people.  Most of them old people.  I think there was only one person (a girl) there under 20.  The pain.

Not much interesting there.  Except... we saw a fox when we were walking towards the car.  I managed to get about 5 feet away from it before it ran away.  It was kinda cool.  Just thought I'd mention it.

It's story time again and Gavin that lazy b*stard wrote a few lines and added a picture.  Damn him.  You can just see the virtual tension between us two.  We always try and make each other suffer, I gotta say - It's almost funny.  Almost.  Funny for you perhaps.  But not quite for me.  Not quite.


'Now that you have knocked off my helmet, I can speak again.  So I might as well say this to you.'  The battle carried on regardless in the background.  It looked like our side was winning.  But I was unsure.  'The helmet was a limiter.  Now, my full powers can be unleashed.  You're all going to die.'

I stepped forward and spoke aloud.  'Wait.  What?  Limiter?  Why'd you put a limiter on your head?'

'No sense explaining things to a someone soon-to-be dead.'  He spoke confidently.  Cocky even.

'Tell you what.  If we can knock you onto the floor then you will have to explain everything to us.  That includes your secrets, weaknesses.  Everything.  But if you can kill us before that then...  er... we're dead.'

'A wager with your life?  You sure are a brave one.'  He gazed blankly for a seconds.  'Fine.  It makes no difference to me either way.  You're all dead meat.'

He pounced.  He was a lot faster than before.  His speed and agility had increased tenfold.  Maybe even hundredfold!

I narrowly avoided the life-threatening attack.  He aimed straight toward my heart.  In avoiding, it cost me a cut on my left arm.  Just under the shoulder.

He stopped.  To be able to stop so easily when traveling at such speeds!  What have I gotten us into?  'Oh?  Your still alive?  Impressive.'  A long tongue, a horrible green colour, came out.  And imitated licking it's insect lips.  'I'll change that soon enough.'

He moved again.  More quickly than before.  But just as he passed Gavin and Gimely to strike me, he fell.  Gavin had stuck his foot out.  Tripping the giant insect in the process.

'Argh!'  It squabbled on the floor.  Waving it's arms frantically about, it couldn't get back up.  'You cheated!  Your friends helped you!'

'Did we cheat?'  I looked towards Gavin and Gimely.  They shook their heads.  'I thought so.  If you remembered correctly I said "we" didn't I?'

It's head had lifted up, with it's chin on touching the ground.  It looked up at me with eyes of pure hate.  'You sly humans.  That is why we need to exterminate all of you!'  It shouted .  The battle momentarily ceased and everyone (humans, insects and all) looked towards us.  The insects started to retreat.  I guess because their commander had fallen.  The other humans let out exasperated cries of joy.  There was no attempt to chase the Strogl.

Meanwhile the captured insect looked in disgust at his retreating army.  It sighed.  'Ok.  So you got me.  Ask anything you like.'

I thought for a moment...  'What's your name?'

It replied.  Shocked.  As was the other humans.  Only Gavin & Gimely remained calm, they knew me too well.  'What?'


Hoho!  Question and answer time!

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