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Monday, 6 August 2007


I'm tired out of my wits today so I'll keep things short and simple.

Played badminton.  OWN3D people.

Went to KFC.  Feasted on millions of chicken.

Came home.  Slept.



The door creaked as the handle was turned.  It slowly crept open.

A bead of sweat fell from my forehead.  But the only thought I could think of was: That door needs some lubricating.

The door was now fully open and I saw a silhouette.  Outside was much brighter than the room we were currently in.

The silhouette finally entered the room and I could see our savior for the first time.

It was...

a woman.

She looks to be in her mid-20s and had long blonde hair.  But she was covered in layers of clothing - which makes sense, since I heard it was pretty cold outside.

'So you boys finally woke up, huh?'  The woman said.

'Yea, thanks for saving us by the way.'  I got up and felt the back of my head.  I could still feel the cold northern wind blasting the back of it.

'I agree.'  Gavin also sat up.

'No problem kid.  I bet you're all hungry, come into the main room and get something to eat.'  With that she walked back out into the bright room.

I got up, rather quickly, at the prospect of food.  Gavin also got up.  Gimely got off his chair in a rather humorous fashion, like a little kid getting off a chair.  We found two dark cloaks and put them on.  Much better.

I entered the room behind Gavin and I was momentarily blinded by the brightness.

It was a normal living space.  There was a lighted hearth at the far side of the room.  In the middle was a large table that could have easily seated 10 large people.  The room was decorated with pictures and another door lead to -what I think is- the kitchen.

'Sit down at the table.  Foods-a coming.'  The woman shouted from the kitchen.

It was then the smell of delicious food hit me.  Smoked salmon with hints of pepper atop it.  A salted beef steak with a parsley topping.

I sat down with Gavin & Gimely.

I licked my lips in anticipation.


Anyway... I'm off to play Mahjong now.  Yea, you heard it.  Mahjong!

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