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Saturday, 11 August 2007

Damn! Rush Hour 3 is good!

Yes, my friends.  Yours truly has seen and enjoyed Rush Hour 3.

Lemme just say, if you loved the previous movies you'd love this one.  It stays true to the formula of Rush Hour - if it's not broken, don't fix it.

There's a teeny bit of role reversal which makes this film even better.  Ricky tan isn't in this movie, in case your wondering.  And the now infamous Gifilker (or however it's spelt) makes a return.  Although no hilarious outtake of Chris Tucker (Carter) trying to say it over and over again.  The outtakes are still there and equally hilarious.

Despite being in his 50s, Jackie Chan is still alive and kicking some triad ass.  Some of the action sequences reminded me of Rush Hour 2 but it was all good.  For example:

*SPOILER WARNING!* -  Don't say I didn't warn you.  Highlight to see.

 The bit when they fight on the Eiffel Tower - it was obvious they was going to.  It was pretty much the last fight in the movie and they end up jumping off the tower and using the French flag as a parachute.  Sound familiar?  Remember in RH2 when they use their jackets to slide down the lines and stuff.  In the exact same scene there was also a man there pointing a gun there and crap, threatening to kill them when they had just landed.  How he knew they would land there, I would never know.  But that reminded me of when the Chinese girl in RH2 came in with a bomb.


Basically an awesome film.  I recommend anyone who liked the previous films to watch this.  I lmao'ed a lot in this.  Although the only thing that spoiled the film was the dude behind me.  He had a really whimsical laugh and pretty much laughed at everything.  It was a demented Beavis & Butthead laugh, yes more demented than the original laugh.

Oh wait.  Before we watched the film something else happened.

I was woken at 11:30 by screams of: 'Who wants to watch RH3?!'  Obviously I did, so we went.  And seeing as it's the second day it is out, we thought it'd be packed and whatever.  So we rushed to get there.  We got there half an hour early and there was...


Essentially we had a whole cinema (room) to our selves.  Nice, right?  And when the show actually started there were hardly any people there.  Weird.  I guess most people get it pirated and stuff.  And it was a lovely day, so the seaside was in contention.

So, I got the best seat in the house.  Oh yea.

Ok, the next installment follows:


The more-heavily armoured Strogl galloped towards us with frightening speed.  He (or she) knocked away two swordsmen with ease, it's eye's never moving.  Just staring.  Through the helmet I saw it's eye's.

They were terrible eyes.

Blue.  A horrible blue.  It's gaze as hard as steel.  It barreled towards us, knocking others away like flies.  In one instance, it knocked one of it's own kind away to reach us.

We were frozen stiff, something seemed to be emitted from him.  A feeling... yes, a feeling of unimaginable power.  It came to a stop, no less than 10 feet away from us.  It spoke.

In English.

'You must be the ones from the prophecy.  The ones from a different dimension.  I can tell by your unique attire.'  It's voice sounded alien-like.  Just what you'd expect from aliens in films.  Kinda high-pitched, beepy voice.

We looked at each other.  'Prophecy?'  We said at the same time.

'Yes.  The prophecy that the mighty Strogl empire will be destroyed by three beings not from this galaxy.'

We did travel in time.  It's close enough.

Gimely came forward.  'That sounds cool and all.  But... you see... I left the... er... TV on at home... so... er... yea.  I'll have to go back and turn it off.  Global warming and stuff.  Right?'  Gimely started edging away.

The Strogl remained still.  I guess he didn't get the joke.

I whispered into Gimely's ear, just as he came past me.  'Viva la Penguins.'

Gimely's eyes suddenly changed.  Into ones of enlightenment.  Like what I said would influence his whole life forever.  He stopped and returned the gaze to the Strogl.  Amazingly, the alien flinched a tiny bit.  It was almost undetectable.  Almost.

There's hope yet.


I'll like to take this little space to post some BREAKING NEWS.  So, here it is:


News just came in from Daisy that at Lewis' party; she was in fact the first one to fall down his stairs.  I throw my hands up in frustration when I say: 'DAMN!  MY ODDS WERE ALL WRONG!  How the hell did I put Ashley more likely to fall down the stairs then you!'

Well, it has also hit me that Ashley stayed away from the infamous stairs.  Wise choice.  Sammi had been left out of my calculations, but surprisingly not Gavin's.  So I dub Daisy the rightful owner of this (not so) prestigious award:

The first one to fall down Lewis' really inconvenient attic stairs of doom... award.

The name was made up on the fly and it therefore copyrighted... for the good of the country.  WJUK TM.  Disney will kill us all.

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