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Thursday, 16 August 2007

A-Level Results Day

Well, it's A-Level Results day.  And I don't care. 

Why?  Because I didn't do A-Levels.  Deceiving isn't it?

But I know many people who are doing A-Level and most people seem pretty happy about their results.  Good on them.  As for me - and many other 15/16 year olds - I'll have to wait until August 23rd to find out my GCSE results.  *gulp*  Thinking back maybe I shouldn't have flunked so many revision classes and used more brain in the tests.  Oh well, what's done is done... unfortunately.

But anyway, well done to everyone who did well (or above their expectations).  I hope you enjoy college life.  :)

Ok, so I may have made a mistake yesterday.  Gavin didn't fall off the face of the Earth.  My bad.  I wasn't that far off, right?

Not getting on computer = Falling off the face of the interweb (hehe, interweb)

If you're getting my drift.


*tumbleweed rolls past*




'Great, once again we are in danger' Gavin said, 'What are we going to do with him now WJUK?'

'Hm...'  I dug deep into my complex brain.  'Kill him.'

Yogudima's face turned yellow - must be a feature of their race - and he screamed aloud.  His clear-cut voice had disappeared; what replaced it was a stuttering, cowardly forced whisper: 'W-w-wait!  D-d-don't k-kill me yet!  I may still have some use...'

'Like what?'  I asked; it reminded me of an interrogation.

'Erm... well... you see... that question will be answered shortly... erm...'

I cut him short.  'Right.  I get it.  You have some use right?  I have the perfect usage for you.'

'Oh thank god you understand.'  His voice lightened up, like a giant mountain had been lifted off his chest.

'Kill him.' 

'Yea.  Hear that, I have some use-'  He finally realised what I said.  'Didn't you say I had some use?'

'Yea.  I did.  You're feeding the animals.'

After that last line he was dragged off, kicking and screaming, I never saw him ever again.  Gavin walked over to me, Gimely close behind.

'What're we gonna do?'  Gavin asked.  I could see a hint of worry in his face, but it was minute.

'The only thing we can do.'  I turned away and gazed at the stars.  'Meet the elders.'

Gimely finally spoke since the start of that whole charade.  'Great.  I'm so pleased.  We'll risk life and death for a bunch of people we just met.  Go against, possibly, the most brutish, blood-thirsty, meat-craving, technologically advanced, strongest race in the whole of the galaxy.  All for people we just met... great.  Just great.'


'ARGH!  I'm going to rip those elders to shreds!'

Gimely is so easy.


So, I guess we've got to set off somehow next.  It seems there's no limit to our adventures!  Not even the blue roof* can stop us!



*The sky, dumbass

** That felt sooo incredibly cheesy.  I like it!

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