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Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Candy from Stangers

I can't help it WJUK! The candy looks so nice, I can't help myself. Damn those candy giving strangers. Nah, i couldn't get onto pc yesterday longer enough to post.

Tomorrow we have result day and BBQ at Daisy's, which should be good for free food.

Anyways, on with the story.

Bob pulled off the blanket and threw it on the floor. WJUK, Gimely and I were shocked at what was there.

'This is my latest invention' Bob said.

'Does it work though Bob' Hilda said, 'Your last invention went alittle wild and ended up killing 10 people'

'Don't worry Hilda this one isn't a high tech killing machine.' Bob laughed 'This was made purely for flying, there is no weapons on it....yet'

'Wow! Your last invention killed 10 people. What was it meant to do?' I asked

'Well, Gimely' Bob said

'I'm Gavin! Gimely is the penguin remember' I snapped and Gimely didn't look to impressed

'Whatever, you're the three off to fight the Elders so your names will soon be forgotten, no one makes it back from the Elders'

'Well, us three are the chosen ones!' Gimely quickly yelled

'Calm down Gimely!' WJUK yelled, 'We will just have to pay this guy a visit when we get back'

'Fine, anyways, my last invention was a killing machine that was design to wipe out the Strogl in one fatal attack, it back fired and ended up killing some of our best fighters.'

'So, what does this invention do?' WJUK asked moving closer to the thing getting a better look.

Also, during this post my school phoned up saying i have to be in school for 8:45 for photos of the newspaper

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