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Friday, 17 August 2007

BBQ Season

Yes it is.  It's official BBQ season - and has been for quite some time.  But my first BBQ of the Summer is on this Sunday... which is... *counts fingers*  *gives up counting fingers*  *looks at calendar* 19th!  Yea!

And then on the 23rd (GCSE Results Day) there's another BBQ over at Daisy's house.  Yea!

The first BBQ is something in Hull... that's all I know.  Oh and there's food... apart from that I'm oblivious to any other fact.  The second one (Daisy's one) has food -naturally- and er... stuff... it's about celebrating our... results(?) or something.  Oh what the heck.  I'm just in it for the food!  And you all know it.

I'm pretty much exactly like this guy in this comic:

He even thinks about sleep after eating!  It's practically a comic version of me.  He's even sleeping at the computer, now that's obviously me.


Just with red hair and a moustache.  And for some reason I carry around a green purse (see second panel).  Apart from that, it's all me.

Dammit, Gavin.

I declare war!

I've always wanted to say that in real life.  It's just one of those things I want to do before I die.

Anyway, sorry for the sudden outburst.  But Gavin's done this whole rumour thing in the previous post and I'm having some real trouble thinking up what the rumour is.

*mumbles* Damn you Gavin!  ... And your little dog too!  *end-mumble*

Actually, I don't think Gavin has a dog.  Does he?  ... meh.  I have a penguin*, so I that's just own3d every pet in the UK already.

Anyway, after some forceful thinking, I've come up with this for the next installment.


'Well, there is one rumour going around about the Elders. No one knows if its real or not but I see no harm in telling you.' The women said.

She paused.  As if thinking of something.  It was one of those melodramatic pauses as well.  Here we were: Gavin, Gimely, a woman (who we still haven't got the name of) & I sat around a table.  The next few moments could define the Earth's history forever.  No doubt we were tense.

It felt like eternity.  Finally Gimely could take no more.  He jumped up.  'GODDAMMIT!  Tell us woman!  Tell us!  For the sake of all penguin-kind, tell us!'

'Very well.'

'What the hell was that pause for?'  I asked, my voice also impatient.  I had, unwittingly, stood up while asking.

'It was one of those dramatic pauses.  It happens all the time in movies.'  Oh great.  Thanks.  'I was also mulling over what to have for dinner tonight.'

'I can relate...'  I said, sitting back down and folding my arms.  Gavin shot me a look as if to say:  Dude, don't agree with that.

'Well, anyway.  The rumour.  Yes.  It has been passed on since we first made contact.  Although we're not sure if it can be trusted or not.  It's like a game of "Scandinavian Whispers"'  I'm sure she was talking about Chinese whispers.  'It may have been true when first head by the scientists or whoever made first contact.  But over time, it has been translated into many languages and the word of mouth may have changed it.'

'Wait.  So you're telling me.  Despite having pen & paper, computers and whatever.  You don't write or note this down?  No one did?'  I asked curiously.  This doesn't sound right.

'Well we did.  Mainly in secret documents of various countries.  Also internet messageboards and forums.  But then when the Strogl attacked they destroyed every bit of information we had about them.  They used their superior technology to take over the internet.  Essentially, any computer that is connected to the internet is now sent an instant virus, forcing a complete malfunction of the hard-drive, overheat and it eventually catches fire.  Only one piece of information lived on about them.'

This time Gavin asked before I could.  'And that was?'

'To kill them you have to take the head right off.'

'Oh.  So what was the rumour.  So it as true as possible.  This could have huge impact on Earth; heck, probably even the whole universe!'


HAHA!  The tables have turned.  I guess Gavin's the one who will disclose the information about the elders.  I feel somewhat mean, but hey - it's a dog eat bone world out there.

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