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Monday, 20 August 2007

Tournament tomorrow...

I'm finding I like to put '...' at the end of my titles.  Weird.  I guess it's to show I'm going to explain something...

Anyway, the badminton tournament is tomorrow!  Oh geez!  Oh gosh!  Oh golly!  I'm literally biting my fingernails and my toe nails, and having cold sweat and everything...

Ok, I was joking.  I never take anything like this seriously, and plus I joined last year.  We also went to pick up the trophies today, since the event organiser told us to and stuff.  Right, which means I have all the trophies of the upcoming tournament in my home.  Sweet...

I was going to take some pictures with them, but I couldn't be asked.  Maybe I'll get to bring home the big one tomorrow... after bringing it there of course.  Oh, and the trophies (there's quite a lot of them) weren't cheap.  I could buy a Wii or Xbox 360* with the kind of money the trophies cost.  But we're getting the money back tomorrow from the event organisers... at least I think we are...

* XBox 360 UK price drop is now official!  The core system will, from August 24th, cost the same as a Wii.  Tempted to buy one now... so tempted...

Anyway, it's going to be good tomorrow because:

  1. It's inside, so the weather won't spoil the event this time (see what happened yesterday to me - BBQ Disaster)
  2. There is free food.  I repeat free food.  Meat this time.

 Oh and speaking of the Wii and stuff before.  It reminds me.  Of late yesterday night or early this mourning, depending on how you perceive time.

After many mental arguments in my head (one even involved one guy being chainsawed GOW-style; and one had a dude get hit by a big-ass train piloted by a mad scientist) I finally decided to watch the MP3: Corruption 1st hour of play thing by Gamesradar.  Obviously, by this time it has been taking off the actual website due to Nintendo not liking what they did.  But I found it on YT.

See all the 6-part videos here: MP3: Corruption First Hour

And after seeing it... I'm pleased to say it's going to be FRICKIN' AWESOME!  Despite the low-quality YT video (stupid YT) I could see that the graphics look amazing.  And then the action!  OMFG!  In that first hour, it was so action-packed that I was almost speechless.  What's more over on the GoNintendo (who got it from the Nintendo Forums, who in turn got it from the GameFAQs Forum) this dude found something interesting about MP3: C after playing the demo at his local GameStop:

Here’s a part of the game that I had no idea even existed. If you accomplish small tasks in the game, you are awarded with bonus tokens. These tokens come in four colors: Red, Blue, Green, and Gold. Red tokens are given as you scan a certain number of enemies/items. Blue tokens are given for scanning lore and accomplishing side tasks. Green I believe are when friends give you vouchers, more on that later. Gold tokens are given for beating bosses on various difficulties. You use the tokens to unlock hidden content in the extras menu. The final type of token is the “friend voucher”. Basically these are given for accomplishing some type of cool accomplishment in the game.

For example, when I beat the boss, a gold token flashed at the top of my screen saying it was for killing Lord Beserker. At an earlier point, I saved a GF trooper from being killed by two enemies. I was given a blue token for that one.

I also obtained two friend vouchers. In one case, I saved a GF trooper from being sucked into space. In another case, I killed 100 small bugs in a room before leaving. According to the game, you apparently send these “achievements” to your friends, and they give them green tokens. I think it’s a level of competition between friends to see who’s unlocked the most “achievements”. I was interested in this since there was a “Friend Roster” option and a “Configure Wii Connect 24″ option on the menu.

What's more another dude pointed out that in the video (the link is posted above) that:

Wiimo pointed out that about eight minutes into a gameplay video we posted the other day, you can see one of said tokens being received.

Sweet.  This could be pretty awesome.  But I would have preferred Online Multiplayer much more than this system of tokens.  Online co-op would be pretty awesome too, like your friend who is a guest in your game plays as one of the other bounty hunters or something.  Although it might detract from the whole single-player experience.

Moving on to more this blog-orientated stuff.

The much anticipated, (not so) long awaited next installment of the story thing that happens to be going on after I made up a little story about why Gavin didn't blog for a while.


'Here we are boys, the place that will get you to the elders'

I looked up through the harsh weather.  Things got clearer as we walked closer.

It was a warehouse kind of thing.  Metal, no doubt.  Even though it was covered with snow and ice, I could tell.  We reached the door of the place and I could finally see clearly again.  The building shielded us from the harsh elements of nature.  The woman pulls down the hood of the cloak she has been wearing and pressed a button on the control panel next to the door.

A sharp fuzzy sound - like when TVs aren't showing a picture and are all grey and the sound's fuzzy.  Someone spoke back.  It was hard to tell how the man actually sounded like due to the low-quality sound emitted from the small speaker, the loud 'whoosh' sounds made by the ongoing blizzard didn't help either.

'Y-ello.  Who is this?'  The speaker rang out.

The woman brought her mouth closer to the panel.  'Open up George.  There's some boys here who want to see you.'

'Oh, Hilda!  It's you!  How long has it been.  Quickly come in, there's a right storm outside.'  Tell me about it.

A high-pitched beep resonated from the door and it clicked open.  The woman, who we finally found out the name of - Hilda, grabbed the handle and pulled open the door.  It creaked rather loudly, it hasn't been used in quite some time.  We walked in.  Immediately inside was a pure white room, with four walls.  Once Gimely was inside, Hilda closed the door.  The back of the door was also white.  Leaving us in a pure white room.

The sound of the blizzard also stopped.  There was an eerie atmosphere about this room.  I was about to ask: What the hell? when a voice blurted out: 'Initiating air lock.'  It was a woman's voice and it reminded me of the voice that came out of the mechas.  There was a low hissing sound that came out of nowhere in particular.

'Cleansing is beginning.  Don't be alarmed.'

That worried me a bit.  But all that happened was a few pipe-looking things (that looked oddly like guns) came out of the wall.  They started blowing out something resembling white smoke but smelt of disinfectant.  Gimely jumped slightly when the smoke came out but overall we weren't alarmed.

'Cleansing complete.  You may enter.'

A door appeared out of nowhere in front of us.  It opened automatically.  We walked through into the next room.

It was significantly larger.


What's in the large room?  Spaceship?  A giant-tamed dinosaur that happens to know how to fly in space?  A star wars like giant ship?  Who knows? 

Not even I do.


Also news has come to me about the remark I made last time about Daisy's BBQ:

Her older sisters like a maths brainbox... I have no idea what that has to do with anything about BBQing. Maybe she can calculate the exact time a certain slap of 10x10cm slab of beef needs to become succulent and be the right time to flip it our something.

Well, apparently her sister doesn't live there anymore.  So she's not doing the BBQ.

And her mother's out somewhere.  So she's not doing it.

Her boyfriend is at work.  He's not doing it.

Which leaves... regrettably...


Now, my hopes have dropped to an all-time low.  But I won't let it get to me.  Knowing that her mother isn't there, I let out an instant sigh of relief.  Seeing as what Daisy said last time.  But apparently Daisy (and Matthew) are doing it.

I have already stated clearly to her that (taken directly from chat): 'i'll just wait it out first, the first sign that anyone has diarrhea or something and I'm not eating anything'

From the ensuing IM conversation it has also come to light that Daisy doesn't like BBQ food... despite hosting two BBQs in the past.  The one of Thursday is her third.  If that's not plain weird, I don't know what is.  To think!  That someone doesn't like BBQ food (without a fully reasonable medical explanation for doing so) is totally inheard of.  I'm going to report this to... er... the National Food Council of the World.  Yea, I'll do that.

A quick Google search has yielded this result:

World Food Council (WFC) was a United Nations organization established by the UN General Assembly in December 1974 by recommendation of the World Food Conference. Its headquarter was in Rome, Italy. WFC's goal was to serve as coordinating body for national ministries of agriculture to help reduce malnutrition and hunger. WFC was officially suspended in 1993. WFC is one of very few (if not the only) UN organization which has been suspended. WFC's functions were absorbed by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the World Food Programme.

Sorry, WFC is the closest I got.  But I guess there's no harm in starting my own council.

The first meeting of the NFC of the World is officially adjourned.


Peace out.

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