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Thursday, 2 August 2007

An unwelcome crowd

Damn you WJUK, leaving me with thinking how to get rid of the people!

'Unless...' I devilish grin appears across my face. I knew some crazy idea was coming 'Follow me' WJUK walked out the room down to the crowd of people and the Mecha.

'People, you're trespassing, you have Ten seconds to get the fu*k out of here before I start knocking some heads together' WJUK yelled over the the crowd

'10' Only a few people move away

'9' A few more started to move

'8...7...6...5' almost everyone had flooded out the streets

'4..3..2...1' Every had moved apart from a group of 5 people, WJUK stormed over and i quickly followed to make sure he didn't do anything stupid.

'What are you still doing here!' WJUK yelled standing a few feet away from the group.

All 5 of them were wearing black suit, white shirt with a black tie on.

One of them stepped forward, 'We would like to know why you have 2 Unidentify Robots in your yard.'

'We are looking after them for my Uncle' WJUK replied, Great is that the best he could come up with.

'Your Uncle?' The guy said who had stepped forward 'Likely story, We are taking this with us, either you hand them over or we force them off you' He swung his fist at WJUK face, WJUK caught it with ease and laughed at the guy.

Time for a fight, take it away WJUK

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