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Saturday, 18 August 2007

The Elders Rumour

WJUK is once again being lazy and making me do the work.

'The rumour that has been passed on is top secret, only our highest ranks know it'

'Why do you take so much trouble keeping it a secret if its only a rumour' I asked

'Well, I'm just following orders from the captain.'

'Has anyone seen this Captain?' WJUK asked

'No, he is a silent captain, he operates from down on earth and no one knows his location'

'Hmm, continue with the rumour' WJUK said

'Well, apprantly the Elders of the Strogl race are human. The strogl are said to be a race who aren't very bright, only a few are bright, like the strogl you thought earlier.'

'So, the Elders are human, but how do the rule over the Strogl' WJUK asked

'Well, long ago the Strogl were human but when a experiment went wrong they turned into Strogl and the three man who conducted the experiment dissappear and rumour has it that those three men are the Strogl Elders'

Thats all im posting today, i will let WJUK do some of the rumour telling =P

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