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Saturday, 25 August 2007

Beautiful day! Telegraph pictures!

It's a beautiful day... to lift cares away...

I can't remember where I got that from but there it is.

Anyway, as the title clearly states: it's a beautiful day. Heck, it's a wonderful day! It finally feels like Summer is here! Except... it's pretty much the end of Summer. Damn, that Summer really sucked. Floods, insects, the works. I'm going to speak to God about this. He's not going to like what I have to say...

Remember the picture I showed you last post. With me and the teacher. Well, Leeman has been kind enough to send in this picture of him (also taken by telegraph):

I have no idea what's going on there. Maybe it's meant to mean Leeman's ringing up his parents to break the good news to them...? I dunno, but he's striking a "hero" pose - as I call it. In movies (and for some strange reason, a lot of times in real life) the pose is followed by a monologue. Also the pose works better when you are higher up then the target person (or camera) and the sun behind you (preferably setting sun).

Enough of that though. I've been browsing the Telegraph Archives and look at the stuff I stumbled across...

Need I say more? I believe this was the prom...? Hell, actually I have no idea when this was.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Wait a moment, just give me a second here. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ok, I'm good.
Anyway, before my head rolls off due to my incessant laughing. The above picture was taken at a workshop day or something. But you can see Gavin and Daisy there! I'll just let you figure out what they're actually doing.

Just to make it fair, here's one of Kate. She's the one on the second right, by the way - just in case you can't tell. Nice pose, btw.
It was taken for Award Ceremony (2005 or 2006).

Because I'm impartial, here's one with me in.
Guess who I am. What do you get if you win? Nothing.
You get a clomp at the side of your head if you get it wrong.

I've also managed to track down the picture that was in the newspaper. Here it is:

From left to right (back row): Kate, Laura, Sammi, Dan, Gavin, Charlie

From left to right (front row): Emily, Sheeny, Me, Luke.

I just got to add. Kate, how the hell do you get such nice poses?! And lmao at Gavin. I think there's no one there whose striking a pose good enough for TV. No one.

Oh wait, looky here. I just came across this:

It's Al, Charl, Josh, Tom & Kris!
You can tell Josh is drunk. Tom, Charl & Al look out of it too.

Ok, final picture. I promise. I only posted this because it has Bently in.

You can see Tom, Ash & Bently on the second row. I'm unsure, but I think that's Gavin in the row infront. That's definitely Lewis next to him. Bently looks funny, hehe.

I guess you've had enough pictures for one day. If anyone else has some better pictures (preferably not watermarked) then send then in.

Oh and I'm sure Kate took a (long) video yesterday at the BBQ. Would like to see (and edit).

Time for the story again. And I may have just thought of something...

Oh and if you're wondering. I don't think Kate's going to have any input into it, I recall her saying something about: 'I have no idea where it's at. I stopped reading when I was horrendously murdered in the worst possible fashion.'

Pity. Would have introduced (yet) another writing style to the table.


'545, Activate engine!'

A low rumbling sound came from seemingly all around us. No louder than a car engine. Then it died down.

'Quiet, isn't she?' Bob said, and he was right. It was quiet. Perfect for ambushes...

'That's really quiet. What's it running on? Petrol?' I asked quizzically. I even added the head slanted slightly gesture to increase the effectiveness of it.

'Petrol?! What century are you living in?! Of course it doesn't run on that. Besides, even if I wanted it to I couldn't. All the petrol has been used up already.' He said. I didn't even bother explaining and answering his rhetorical question. 'This baby's a hybrid. She uses solar energy when possible. But switches to Nuclear when it's dark. And the auxiliary and back-up units use a supply of hydrogen. Although the hydrogen tanks can only last the ship about 5 hours.'

'NUCLEAR?! Doesn't that... you know? Aplode?!' Gimely screamed out. He looked pretty nervous. 'I'm to young to die! I still haven't sampled the life to it's fullest! I haven't met the perfect penguin girl-'

Bob cut him off. I guess he's not a very emotional man - which makes sense since he spends most time around emotionless machines. 'Don't worry about it. I see you've never heard of the Cloubler Chamber.'

'Clou-wha what now?'

'Cloubler chamber.' He crossed his arms and began to explain it. It reminded me of a primary school teacher explaining what sex was to children. 'The Coubler Chamber was invented by Professor Coubler of the International Nuclear Society located in Chicago, USA. It's basically a chamber made of reinforced Tritanium Steel that wraps around the Nuclear reactor. Thus this way, even if there is a nuclear explosion; it'd only happen in the small chamber.'

'That must be one strong metal.' Gavin inquired.

'Oh, it is. Stronger than anything found on Earth. It was stumbled across on the Moon by accident. Now the moon is basically a large mining ground for Tritanium. But everything is under ground, so the surface is populated by resorts and hotels.'

'Geez, humans sure have come a long way since 2007...'

'Yes, a long long way...'


Well. I'm starting to get tired of the talking. I'm going to try and post some action into the story next time.

And just so people know. If you want to be a "correspondent" of this blog (as Kate put it) then email me or something. If I reckon your trustworthy (which you probably will be if I know you in real life) then you're in!

I might also introduce a trial period where you can post but not mess with anything on site.

Gavin & Kate also have the power to invite people! So don't just ass-kiss me. They want some loving too.


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