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Thursday, 23 August 2007


This quick post is just to flaunt my new results.  Sweet!

As you guessed it... I did AWESOME!

My alarm went of at 8 this morning.  Being the procrastinating  person that I am, I turned it off and ignored it.  Then went back to sleep.

It wasn't until my Late-Sense kicked it that I realised what was happening.  It's really good actually.  Now that I think about it... it's an addition to my powers of: Waking-up-near-destination Sense.  Anyway, I woke up at 8:25.  And quickly got dressed and brushed my teeth, then rushed off to the car.  Remembering I couldn't drive (yet) I called Dad and he drove me there.

Ok, anyway I got there to find Gavin was already there.  And he distinctly said: 'We can't get our results until 9.'  Then the "Associate Head-Teacher" (may have changed) came in and shouted: 'Sign in and get your results.'


Anyway, enough dawdling.  Here are my results.  In awesome picture format.

Pretty good, right?  13 As!  Don't worry if you can only count 12 As, so can I.  It's just that I got a A* in GCSE Chinese!

Woot!  Celebration!  BBQ is going to be awesome.

A longer more, with-story post later tonight.



LEEMAN said...



Leeman <3 Wai June

Daisy. said...

Well Done Wai June!

That Drama Is Balls Though.

No One Got The Grade They Deserved.


WJUK said...

Thanks guys.

You lot did well too.


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