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Thursday, 2 August 2007

Find myself on the roof again...

Well, the same thing happened again today.  So I won't bore you with the details.  All you need to know is that after some discussion I found myself on the roof.  Again.

I tried to get other people on but they were too scared.  Geez.  What's a dude gotta do to get a break around here.

Although I rather enjoyed it.  It was nice and sunny, there was a gentle breeze coming in from the east (yes, I know which way is north).  All was good.

I spent about half an hour just sitting there enjoying the scenery.  Nice.  It felt pleasant.

But all good things come to an end.  Unfortunately.  Because I was called in to eat.  How can I refuse the offer?  So, I climbed in through the window again.

Hey wait... I recall my sister recording it with her phone...

<Runs off for a bit>

Dammit, she's downstairs.  Oh well, I cba to go down there and ask for the bloody thing.  So... no vid.  Sorry.

Which also reminds me!  I still have no word on the pictures from Lewis' party.  Or probably because I haven't been on the internet much... and because I cba to look for them... or ask for them...

Anyway, I'm sure Gavin could probably get some.  :)

Time for the story...

Gavin threw a spanner into my works with the whole MIB* dudes.  I also was thinking along the lines of 'rushing into the cockpits and trampling everyone to death'  but Gavin's way also works.  Would've been better if we went on a rampage in the mechas, or at least slightly related to destroying stuff... but meh.

Time for a fight...

I caught the guy's fist and flung him backwards.  He went flying.  I have grown stronger during our time in Japan.  We all have.

He laid there with his face in the dirt and his butt in the air for a while.  Then finally got up.  Like a giant raising out of it's long slumber he drew himself up.  Until he was finally on his feet.  He looked a bit tipsy.

The other 4 didn't look bothered.  They just stood there.  Unmoving.  With there black suits and black shades.

'I guess there's no choice then...'  The man said as he walked limped towards us.  'Let's do it.'

The other 4 turned to look at him as if quizzing him 'why?'  But they were not questioning him, I bet under the shades they were willing to die for their leader.

The 4 walked over to the "leader" and touched him.  Then their hands started to pass through him.  No, they're being absorbed.

Sure enough, the "leader" dude grew bigger.  Until he was in contention with the mechas - how he grew so big by absorbing 4 other relatively normal sized people, I will never know.

'Oh, how rude of me!  I have yet to introduce myself!'  He said.  His voice thundered for miles around.  I heard birds fly away from their branches somewhere.  I felt temporarily deaf.  'My name's Shizcrophraf'  Shiz-no-what now?  I attempted to say but he continued as if he didn't hear me at all.  Probably didn't.

'I guess you with your human tongues can never say it.  So just call me: Shizzy.'  A pause emerged at this point.

I had to cover my mouth to stop myself from laughing.

I can't hold it in anymore.  I burst out in laughter.  My sides felt like they were splitting.  'AH-HA-HA-HA-HA!  Shizzy!  That's a good one!'

I could see that I wasn't alone.  Gavin and Gimely had also began to laugh, in fact Gimely was rolling on the floor.

'Hey?!  What's so funny?  I got told that that was a hip name to have on Earth!'  He thundered out of his gigantic mouth.  We ignored him and continued to LMAO and ROFL.  He was getting frustrated.

He finally couldn't stand us laughing at him and lifted up his hand.

I stopped laughing.  'Get into the mech!'  I shouted to Gavin & Gimely.

We scrambled to our feet and made a dash for it.  "Shizzy" now brought his hand down, but he failed to hit us.  He lifted it up again.  I glanced back quickly only to see a crater, as wide as I was tall.  Glad I wasn't at the receiving end of that.

We now made it to our mechs.  In a last ditch attempt to stop us from getting in he made a dash for our actual mechs, he was going to rugby tackle them.

He spread out both his arms in an eagle like fashion, to take down both mechs.

Gimely had no mech so he ended up inside my cockpit.

We jumped in.  In the nick of time.  I managed to maneuver the mech out of the way to the right.  Gavin jumped and landed a front flip over the dude's head - then Gavin did a spinning drop kick into the side of "Shizzy."

'ARGH!'  He shouted as he went sprawling, narrowly missing out house.

I watched this and then something strange happened.  Gimely was sat to the right of me but he was taken out.  By the mech.  A second seat then appeared behind me and the cockpit stretched.  Gimely was placed down there.

'WTF?  WTH just happened?'  He shouted as he landed in his newly acquired seat.

'I guess you're my navigator.'  I said as I jumped into the fight.

wOOt!  Huzzah for navigators!  But more Huzzahs for awesome mech pilots!

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