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Friday, 17 August 2007

Finding a way to the elders

We were now indoors, away from the bitterness coldness of the weather.
The women who saved us from freezing, was telling us about the elders.

'No one knows for sure about the Elders. No one had never made it back alive before.'

'How do we get to the Elders then?' WJUK asked

'Spaceship of course. The techs will hook you up with the fastest ship we have' The women said 'It should take about 48 hours to reach the main base of the Strogl.'

'This seems pointless' I said, 'We are flying into an unknown area with no information on the people we are going to fight, atleast in the desert and Japan we had been given information about the enemy we are going to fight.'

'True, but remember Gavin, you two had no plan on how to kill them, Remember in the desert? Lewis peed on Kate and we got lucky to a certain degree. In Japan Gimely showed up with the Mecha.' WJUK replied

'Yeah, without Me and Lewis you two would be in alot of trouble.' Gimely said.

'Well, there is one rumour going around about the Elders. No one knows if its real or not but I see no harm in telling you.' The women said

Looks like the flight is going to be delayed and WJUK is going to inform us of information about the Elders

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