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Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Late Awakening ~ E3

Well, I got up pretty late. At about 3:13, according to the clock on my computer. And I am bloody tired. Late nights are finally taken it's toll on me.


Oh, and procrastination rules.

As of now, I am watching Microsoft's E3 Conference. I just couldn't stay up long enough to watch it, 4:30 AM for us! Geez.

<Some time elapses>

Ok, I'm about half way through and I'm pretty impressed. Microsoft seems to have gone all out this holiday season. With comparisons to holiday season 2004, and showing a helluva lot of games.

<Some more time elapses>

Oh and Viva Pinata and Gears of Wars is heading to the PC. Awesome.

Now, I'm waiting for the Nintendo and Sony conference. Will be interesting to see how it goes...

Oh and btw, Assassins Creed still looks AWESOME!

Story below:

The last we saw of our heroes they were suffering from hangovers and an impending doom was approaching...

The ground shook violently again.

'This one's bigger than the last one...' I stutter, while trying to keep upright in the little shake-up.

'It is...' Gavin points towards the distance and there it was. 1000m high of muscle, and -hopefully- not much brain.

'It's time. Let's go.' We both dashed towards it. I don't think "Tetsu Chocolate Cannon" will cut it this time.

'Any ideas?' Gavin asked as we were approaching the gargantuan beast.

'Well, one. But it's gonna take some pulling off.'

'Try me.'

I started to explain the plan to Gavin. He pretty much understood where it was going. He nodded. Very well. Let's do this.

We had reached the foot of the beast. Less than a mile outside of town. It was surprisingly quick. It has yet to notice us. Gavin ran round to the tail.

I get my first good look at the beast. It was a giant turtle. How many years old must this turtle be?!

'Oi! Mr. Turtle Dude! Down here!' I shouted. To try and get it's attention. It failed to notice me. 'OI! YOU PEABRAIN F&%@TARD! LOOK AT ME WHEN I'M TALKING TO YOU!'

It noticed me.

I saw it's face clearly for the first time. It looked old. Centuries, no. Millennia old. Wrinkles covered the face, and the rough, textured skin sagged: to and fro, to and fro. The only hair was below it's giant chin. A white beard.

'WHAT DO YOU WANT? HUMAN!' The beast bellowed. Holy crap, I think I'm deaf. The beast lowered it's head closer towards me. It's giant eye widened. Just it's pupil was bigger than me tenfold.

'I just wish to palaver.' I reply. I was surprised it heard me.


Gavin was ready. Atop the old beast's head. He gave me the thumbs up sign.

'Fine. I guess if negotiation isn't going to work... we'll have to use brute force.'

With that we attacked...

This was kinda rushed because of E3 but Gavin will give you the ending of the fight.

EDIT: Ok, just finished the Nintendo conference and it was good. Super Mario Galaxy and SSBB are coming this year... to NA, anyway. Mario Kart for the Wii was officially announced, unsurprisingly. And a thing dubbed the 'Wii Balance Board' was also announced. It's gotta be seen to be believed.

The Wii Zapper is also coming, and it looks kinda cool. Albeit looks a bit impractical.

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