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Sunday, 22 July 2007

Wrong Predictions? ~ Hurt arm (again)

Wrong predictions?


Gavin.  You're reading Harry Potter...  Disappointed

Dude... that's like frickin' weird.  Next you'll somehow appear in my house screaming the same sentence over and over again:  'THE APOCOLYPSE IS COMING!  THE APOCOLYPSE IS COMING!'

Then I would be forced to slap you silly until you woke up from your horrible nightmare.

And another thing.  Did you do that thing again?  You know, the thing where you flip to the final page of the book just to see what happens. 

*shakes head*

I'm ashamed.  I thought better of you... man.

But anyway.  I think my predictions were pretty close.  Despite... not reading the book... or have any idea how it actually ends.

To be honest.  I'm reading another book right now.  Yep, still that Dark Tower series.  I'm on the last book.  And for some unknown reason, it seems to me that it's taking twice as long to finish it.  Even though it's about the same size as the other books!

Maybe it's my subconscious mind saying stuff like:  'Read slowly... the book is good...  don't finish it yet...'  and   *golem voice*  'my precious....'  and  'wa-wa-wee-wah.'

Well, nevertheless.  I'm gonna finish the dark tower before moving onto Harry Potter.

I hurt my arm.  Again.  It just started hurting for no reason.

Going to doctors to check it out soon.

I'll update you on how it goes.

According to Animal Crossing it's 'Yay Day' where people are might to compliment each other.  Dumbass.

We're nearing the 3000 mark!  Banzai!  Hooray!  Huzzah!

Don't celebrate just yet.  We're nearly there.  But not quite.

So close, yet so far.

The hits lately have been astonishing.  It's blown my estimates - that I didn't have in the first place - right out of the water.  And into the fire.


Sorry, got myself mixed up.

Anyway.  Thanks for everyone's support as we near 3000 hits!

Story... story...

Good thinking by Gavin.  He took the story right out of my hands.  Cos I was thinking we were watching her.  But the little kid... genius.  I never thought of that.

Turns out a kid was watching Jill and her little talk with the strange man.

The whole room was silent.  Nothing moved.

Then it turned into a bustling room of activity.  Drunks shouting:  'The Demon King is here!'  and  'Oh sweet Jesus!  What are we going to do?!'

In the commotion, Jill tried to get away.  Gavin grabbed her by the shoulders.  She wasn't going anywhere.

I raised a hand.  People who saw it immediately stopped what they were doing.  Some on the outside were still panicking and running around like headless chickens.  But after a few seconds - and a few friendly nudges later - they also stopped in their tracks.

'Can everyone hear me?'  I said.  My voice echoed throughout the room.

'Yes...'  The crowd mumbled.  I ignored their lack of enthusiasm.  I now lowered my hand.

'Now, I want everyone to promise me something.'

The crowd started to chatter once again.  Starting slowly and quietly and eventually getting louder.  Like a snowball rolling down the hill.  I stopped the grunts and moans before they could escalate beyond sane control.

'Hush, all of you!  Or you'll find a sword through your head.'  They shut-up.  Good.  At least their obedient.  Like a bunch of infants.  'Promise me that what you heard never leaves this room.'

People looked around at others for reassurance.  Some whispered about.  But it doesn't increase in noise like before.  One by one, the congregation of drunks and barmaids and people who came for breakfast started nodding their heads.  Once every single one understood what I told them what to do, I talked again.

'If I find that the news travels beyond that door.'  I pointed towards the bar door.  Unconsciously I had already stood on a stool.  With the crowd looking up at me.  Gavin was still restraining Jill from getting away.  'I'll come back and hunt down all of you, until I find who had spread it.  None of you will get away alive.'

It was an empty threat, but nevertheless it worked.  There were some scared faces but most understood.  They've kept secrets before.

'Good.  If everyone agrees.  Everyone except my group and the kid can leave.'

People started draining out of the bar.  Some quite reluctantly.  But they were pushed out anyway.

When everyone had left, I turned back to Jill.  And Gavin who was restraining her.

I turned towards and walked to the little kid.  He looked scared.  I would be in his situation.  'Kid.  What's your name?'  I tried to say in my friendliest voice possible.  Tried.

'K-K-Ken-nen.  Kennen Philps.'  He pronounced it Ki-nen. 

'Very good, Kennen.  Now tell me what you saw last night.'

The boy looked even more scared.  He moved his gaze towards Jill.  Who was expression-less.

I stole his gaze from her and said to him again:  'Kennen.  Look into my eyes.  Tell me what you say last night.'

The boy told what he saw.  Not once removing eye contact with me.  The only time he did was when he spoke of how he had gotten scared in the woods; he blushed and looked at his feet with this remark.

I didn't interrupt.  I nodded.  The poor boy's scared enough.

After Kennen finished I gave him some money and sent him on his way.  He cheered up instantly at the sight of the money I produced from my pocket.

'Oh thanks so much!'  With that sentence he pranced happy-go-luckily out of the bar.  At least someone's happy after this ordeal.

I swung around and stared straight into Jill's eyes.  She flinched, but Gavin held firm.

No one but me and the kid had spoken all this time.  Jill had pretty much admitted defeat.

I said wearily, as if in the last month or so I had aged by years.  'I hoped it wouldn't come to this...'


This is starting to remind me of filler episodes.  There's too much talking.  Gavin, put some action into the next one!

UPDATE:  Well, I've been to the doctors and turns out I have some sort of skin infection.

It travelled down my neck and onto my shoulder or something.

But I have some penicillin now, so I should be fine.

If it doesn't get better by Thursday, apparently I'm going under the knife.  *gulp*

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