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Monday, 2 July 2007


So, I left off after burning down lewis's house and lewis now my faithful companion (I hope he has some use)

So, me and Lewis set off on the search of WJUK and a new house and bestfriend for Lewis, although the footprints i was following have been less distinct and harder to track but i was no ordinary tracker, being trained by spider ninja's does have its uses, like amazing fighting skills and tracking skills, basically you become amazing at everything.

Anyways enough about the awesomeness of being trained by spider ninjas. My new companion Lewis turned out to be very loud, any chance of this being a steath mission after I meet up with WJUK had been wiped out unless we got rid of Lewis.

Also seen as we had some ground to cover to catch up with WJUK, I decided to talk to Lewis and get to know him. It turned out he had a normal life once, he didn't live in a hut in a desert and drink his own urine when water was low because his well stopped working. It turned out he had a good life, good family, good friends until one day at a party.....he was talking to this girl who use to like him but had slowly started to dislike him and she thought of the ultimate punishment for being disliked by her, She took him into a small empty room, people crowding outside because they thought something worth gossiping about would happen (You know, Sex) Turns out everyone was wrong, real wrong. This girl dealt a huge damaging Headbutt and made Lewis bleed, he was dazed, lost, and didn't know what to do, wondering the streets alone with a bleeding mouth, unware of what to do, the shame of returning home, until one day he stepped towards the light...and ended up a wonderer in a desert living in a small hut, that girl ruined his life.

This story took us right up to the border of the jungle/swamp i just earlier had came from.

At this point we had a Loud Boom, and a huge amount of smoke came rushing towards us. Lewis let out a high screeched scream, one that no respectable man could let out, especially at the age Lewis was.

After the the smoke cleared lewis had one thing to say: "sorry"

What was the loud bang? What caused it? Where did it land?

EDIT:all similiarities to people in real life are purely coincendental

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