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Friday, 13 July 2007

Magic School

....with that a explosion of smoke went off, Lewis starting having a coughing fit, a man stepped out off the smoke cloud. The smoke cleared revealing an old Japanese man, with a long grey beard with even longer hair, and he was wearing blue robes and holding a staff with doubled as a walking stick.

"You must be the three be the ones the emperor speaks of" The old man said.

"Yeah...." WJUK replied

"Are you here to teach us magic" Lewis excitely said jumping up and down like a small child.

"Shut up and sit down before I freeze you" The old man said with a slight bit of anger in his voice. Lewis sat down quickly.

"We need to learn that" I whispered to WJUK and the old man gave me a piss off glare.

"We must waste no time" The old man said "Follow me"

We followed him into what seem like be a training dojo. It had padded walls and katana's on the wall.

"To be able to use magic, you must be at one with yourself, picture the effect in your mind, and scream the element and dance like Micheal Jackson"

"How do you know who Micheal Jackson" I said

"I know all that ever was and ever will be" The Old man said "Now first picture a fireball coming out of your body and scream the element which will be fire and jump on the your toes like MJ does"

I stepped forward first hoping that I wouldn't make a fool of myself, I pictured the Fireball coming out my hand, jumped on my toes and screamed "FIRE!", a small cloud of smoke puffed out my hand followed by the smallest fireball you could think of.

WJUK walked past me with a smirk on his face, jumped on to his toes and screamed "FIRE!" a fireball busted out his hands, the overall size of the fireball was the size of my fist.

Lewis's go next. He stepped up, he was nervous you could tell by looking at his face. He jumped onto his toes let out a "FIRE!" a shot up into the air, setting the floor on fire and let out a scream of pain.

"Only Lewis would think of sending a fireball out his arse" WJUK said laughing

The ground shook.

"Looks like practice going to be cut short" I yelled running towards the door.

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