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Thursday, 5 July 2007

'oh, how the mighty have fallen'

I glanced over Kate's shoulder to see WJUK and Lewis (who was peeing) wandering over.
what is he doing???
I glanced over to Gimely, he was still owning Ashley

Concentrate on Kate! Who had retreated alittle bit and starting launcing sand boulders at me, they were no match for speed as i easyily dodged them, flipping and spinning through the air, gaining ground to get close...I had one eye on WJUK and Lewis ( who was still peeing, WTF, when was the last time he went) who were continuing to come closer, Is WJUK planning to get Lewis to pee on her?

Still dodging the sand boulders I thought if he was surely Lewis can pee that long, I made my move, dashing towards Kate who was still unaware of of WJUK plan.

"spotted dick flash kick" I yelled, landing a powerful kick sending Kate straight into Lewis's line of fire causing the sand to darker and uncover Kate's original human form, she was screaming.

All of us walked over to Kate who was struggling to breath.

"Well it took you two long enough" Gimely said

"WHA?" I said "You've only just finished toying with her Bitch"

"and?" Gimely answered back almost instancely

"Anyways" I said "We took care of her"

'oh, how the mighty have fallen' WJUK calmly said

Is that the End of the adventure, Find out in WJUK next post

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