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Monday, 9 July 2007

Playing with bad foot

Well, I played badminton regardless of how painful my foot was. I have a high pain threshold, even without taking drugs. :P

Lemme just note that I still own3d with my bad foot.

Also, for the last 2/3 hours; me and my cousin my cousin and I, were trying to wire up a home network between my computer and her laptop (using an Ethernet cable she got off eBay). Didn't work. I'm not all that surprised. But I am kinda pissed.

You know. It got me thinking what things we could use the USB port at the back of the Wii for. USB Keyboard? I'm sure I've talked about that to Gavin before. It'd also be cool to be able to connect it to a laptop so the laptop can go online.

Now, it's time for the next part of the super-awesome-mega-ultra-happy-yada yada story that somehow ended up in Japan.

The last post saw us ending up in 'The Land of the Rising Sun' with a little twist. It's the feudal age. With samurais and ninjas and mythical beasts! Awesome.

After Gavin initiated his plan - which was to basically jump onto the beasts head and stab it - the giant lizard-like beast brought up a massive claw of a hand. And brought it down right on his own head. Claws sharpened to a point had ended up in his head.

It roared in agonizing pain. Loud.

Gavin & Lewis had managed to slide back down the back. The lizard was blinded in one eye, his left. And his right was bloodied up. This fight was now to our advantage.

By now I had pretty much perfected my newly-learnt Santōryū (literally translates to Three-sword-style) during the little break we had from our (mis)adventures.

The lizard was lashing about and rampaging everywhere. This can be bad. Not only for us but for the civilians. I had to end this quick.

I used the lizards knee as leverage and jumped up towards his head. I wasn't going to reach the top of it's head but that was not what I wanted. The neck would do just fine.

'TETSU CHOCOLATE CANNON' I screamed - while I was flying up. My grip tightened on my three swords. The one in my mouth aims towards the neck.

I do a devastating blow to the neck. And end up on the back. Where Gavin & Lewis still are.

I sheathed my swords.

'Hey, you didn't do anythi-' Lewis couldn't finish.

The neck was cleanly cut. From the front to the back. The head fell onto the ground. Attempted to roll a bit but ended up flat on it's side. It's eyes still open. Those hideous dead eyes.

The body shook. And collapsed. We held onto the scales on it's back while we descended ungracefully through the air. The closest I'll probably get to skydiving. It fell down with an almighty crash. Dust was thrown up everywhere. The wall of smoke meant no one could see what they were doing. We didn't attempt to move, we feared if we did we might fall off since we couldn't see where we were going.

I could hear voices in the distance.

'What... what happened?' A voice said.

'I don't know. The beast can't possibly have died... could it?' Another said.

'Maybe the big lizard had a heart attack!' A high-pitched child's voice said. At least I think it was a child.

The smoke began to clear. I could see the setting sun on the horizon. The landscape was beautiful. Mountains to the west, full of life. I could make out a pack of deer heading uphill towards the summit. To the east & south was a forest. Densely populated with trees, there was also a waterfall further in - that I could see.

Finally to the north was a road. Leading north from the town. I couldn't see where it got to though.

More voices below. Some screams too.

'OH MY GOD! THE BEAST IS DEAD!' The beast it dead! Those four words echoed through the streets. More people came out of houses and slowly traversed the narrow alleyways towards - what seemed like - the main street.

'Who killed them?' I heard someone say. 'Look up there.'

People started looking up. They saw us now. Perched high up atop the beast's corpse. Their faces were shocked. Unsurprisingly.

'I think it's time to get off this damn thing.' Gavin said. Damn was spat out like a bad taste in his mouth.

'I agree.' Lewis said humbly and quietly. I guess he still hasn't registered what had happened.

'Ok, I guess it's time to meet the locals.' With that I jumped off the back. Gavin not far behind, with Lewis strewn across his shoulders.

We landed just in front of the crowd. Even though there was already about 2 metres between us and the crowd. The sea of people (400, no 500 at least) edged back cautiously. The street just wasn't big enough for that many people to be packed in at the same time.

There was a long pause. The three of us stood. Unmoving. Looking into the crowd. The crowd gazing back, with expressions of awe and mainly shock.

Finally, an old man stepped forward. His reeked of that old person smell. His hair was white, his beard long. His features looked lost behind a wall of drooping skin.

'You saved us...' He said. Slowly, but calmly.

At least they haven't attacked us with pitchforks shouting: 'Witch! Witch! Burn the witch!' Which is quite a good start if you ask me.

What will happen? How will the people react to their saviors? Could there be more of those giant beasts? I dunno. But I'm guessing I will do soon.

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