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Sunday, 29 July 2007

Party @ Lewis' House

Ok, so... about the party...

Well, I got there for 6:00 only to find a bunch of people; out in the garden; (about 10) were already there.  And drinking.  *glug glug*

Well, all was fine and dandy.  People kept on coming.  Daisy & Laura came along, pretty much already drunk already.

Until Tom B & Alex came along...

Then all HELL broke loose.

First of all.  They went into the house without a word.  But more surprisingly: without a drink.  OMFG, you may be thinking...  I'm agreeing.

Well, they spent about 10 minutes in there; I think.  Maybe more.  But all you need to know is the following:

They came out of the house.  All's fine, right?  Nope.  They came out with a sex doll.  LMAO.  It was promptly dubbed 'Filliper Crakin'  or something rudely along those lines.  And was also thrown into Lewis' face.  Nice.

They following minutes were spent messing etc. with the doll.  In a (relatively) non-sexual way - may I add.  Anyway, eventually it was mostly forgotten about.

Then we slowly, but surely, moved into the house.  We started around a (small) table outside.  Then moved onto the patio.  Then physically into the house.  It took about 40/50 minutes for the room in the house to be firmly established as part of the partying area.  And it had food.  That was cold.  Damn.  Pringles and fingers were there to eat, which was fine.  Also, by now.  TWO, yes two bottles had been smashed "accidentally" already.  The first one wasn't as bad.  It cracked all the way down the neck of the bottle.  Then Kate came along, intent on having the 'best bottle smash of the party award' and "accidentally" dropped from about 2 feet her bottle.  Guess what?  Yea, SMASH.  Was hilarious.

By this time, Sammi was drunk.  Not all that surprising.  And she had already started dancing wildly - on her own - to the music.  At one point, me and Ashley were sat on the sofas just laughing at her insane antics.  She was sat right next to the stereo and was waving her head about and everything; oblivious to everything and everyone around her.  You had to be there to understand the moment of pure funniness in speaking.

The night wore on.  And soon it was dark.  Tom L was drunk upstairs, I mean, literally falling-down drunk.  He was just sleeping up there for about an hour.  Matthew was also drunk, dancing around with Sammi, and managing to land on everyone AND stand on everyone's toes.  And it hurts.  Filliper Crackin had burst, in a very humorous fashion.  Gavin was already out of Bud, and I only had a few.  But the party carried on.

For reasons, that I can whole-heartedly understand, we weren't really allowed upstairs.  Only to go to the toilet.  But that didn't stop us.  So that meant... hardly anyone falling down the ridiculously weird stairs leading up to Lewis' room (in the attic).  But someone did anyway.  Sammi.  Damn.  Guess my predictions were slightly wrong, but it was close.

I recall one point, when I was still relatively sober (I believe), I intentionally slid down the banister.  Rather unsuccessfully.

A bunch of other stuff happened.  But it's hard to recall.  Er... quite a lot of times, Mike was spread-eagle on the floor.  Which includes outside, on the muddy ground.  Which automatically meant the room inside was trashed.  I'm not joking.  It smelt of beer, had mud all over the floor - at least I think it's mud... it was brown...

What was also funny was the state of the kitchen.  For some unexplainable reason, people kept knocking over drinks in there.  And then would attempt to cover it up with tissues.  But after the first two 'incidents' we were out of tissues.  So, when I knocked over a can of beer, we just threw a oven glove onto the floor and proceeding to use our feet to wipe the floor.  ONE OVEN GLOVE!  Oh, the humanity.  The other must be crying for it's dead partner.

And through all of that.  Lewis' parents were there.  At first, maybe for the first 2 hours, they went around and did stuff.  But after that.  They just sat there and did nothing.  Just left us to our own devices.  They didn't looked bothered at all.

Lemme think now... what else... oh there was a bit - before we got told not to be upstairs - where I threw a bottle cap out of Lewis' room window.  And it didn't hit anyone.  Damn.  I was also tempted to throw Filliper Cracking out of the window.

Oh, there was also some exercising equipment in the garage.  Which lead to some humorous situations where Tom B was attempting to 'pump up his guns' - his biceps, for all ghetto-speak illiterate people out there - and a girl, who I've forgotten the name of already, was telling him to stop.  He was hardly getting anywhere, since I put it to the max setting.  It was still funny watching him try.

That's about all that I can remember.  If I remember any more, I'll post it tomorrow.

Pictures should be up soon, or tomorrow... or whenever I feel like bothering to get them off Kate.  She should have a load, I spent quite a lot of time just running around the house like a crazed mad-man with a knife... only substitute the knife with a camera.

That also reminds me of my death prediction... apparently, I'll be killed by a crazed man with an ice-skate.  Nice.

Now, for the story.

And like Gavin said yesterday, we actually discussed - I know, it's insane - about which direction the story should go.  And it ended up insanely.  And I mean insanely.  Let's just say... there were talks about:

  • Vikings, that live on a place called Elbaf.  Which is situated in the stratosphere of Earth.  They're in the middle of a war with an alien race called... something... but basically they are protecting the earth.  Oh, and they're giants.  Oh, and the aliens have giant claymores.
  • Mechas.  This was obviously thrown out.  But we've actually decided to include this in the near future, so no spoilers today!
  • There was something about being spilt up again.  But I don't recall much about it... and I cba to check the chat history.

There was some other insane ideas thrown into the mix, mostly by me.  But those were a few of the best.

Anyway, to the story!  Hi-ho!

Gimely said: 'Oh! And I have something to tell you...'

With those words two giant mecha robots were thrown - and I mean thrown - out of the ground.  Even the DK stopped his current rampage of destruction to see what the commotion was about.

'Gimely... those are...'  I said, feeling weak at the knees.

'Yes, they are uber-mecha-robots.  You like?'  Gimely said smugly.  'I found them while on an excavating mission in the north pole.'  Cliche.  ' That's why my stay was delayed.'

'Sweet mother of Jesus's giant balls of fire!'  Was Lewis' response at the sight of the giant iron beings.  That were now hurtling back down to earth (at least, I think it's earth) after being thrown up into the sky.

'Totally awesome, right?'  No one answered.  At least I didn't hear anyone answer.  As the two giant mechas landed on the ground.  It was a match for the now-giant DK.  Just like in power-rangers.  I thought.  Kill the dude.  He's revived bigger and meaner.  Everytime.

Without needing to be asked, Gavin and I jumped jumped into the mechas.  Power rangers style.  We sorta just teleported in.  Weird.

But no time to be freaked out by the awesome power we just gained.

Gimely was shouting from below:  'HEY!  WAIT A SEC!  WE HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO PILOT-'

My mecha moved.  It put it's right foot forward, in a very impressive fashion.  I looked over to Gavin who had also managed to move his mecha forward.

They must move on mind-power.

But I looked forward.  And there were still some buttons on the control panel in front.  I wonder what they do...

And decided to press a random button.  I paid explicit notice to the colour and size of the button.  Making sure not to push anything along the lines of: big, round and red.  Like a self-destruct button.  Clever, huh?

I went for a blue, relatively small button that was on it's own.  Inside a smoothly drawn black box.  A voice bellowed out from some unseeable speakers.

'&^%&#%&@%#&$*%'  Basically gibberish and jargon, that was made up of some nonsensical beeps and tones.  'LANGUAGE DETECTION COMPLETE.'  English.  Weird.  'LANGUAGE DETECTED... ENGLISH.'

The strange scribing on the control panel now changed.  Started to swirl then slowed again.  And when I looked back, they were English.

I noticed a "CALL" button and decided to press it.  Gavin's picture came up on screen.

'WTF?  How'd you do that?'  Gavin immediately said.

I replied quickly, as the DK now looked like he's had enough of the new-fangled gadgets and would like to dispose of them.  'Press the blue button in it's own box.'  I heard the same series of beeps and tones.  And the same "LANGUAGE DETECTION COMPLETE."

'AWESOME!'  Gavin shouted down.  'Time to work this thing.'

I attempted to concentrate and move the damn thing but it just wouldn't budge.  It would move slightly then stop.  And it took a hella alot of concentration.

Gavin was doing the same.  I saw him close his eyes and focus.

My focus and concentration was blown away when the same voice that said "LAGUAGE DETECTION COMPLETE." said: 'MIND-POWER INSUFFICIENT.  SWITCHING TO MANUAL DRIVE'  And from under the control panel came what looks like two grips.  I grabbed them immediately.  The DK was now charging towards me at a frightening pace.

I felt like I was filled with power and had full control over this giant thing.

Gavin was in the same predicament as me.  The grips have also come out at roughly the same time.  And he also wasted no time.

The DK was now directly in front of me, and was ever-so-close to actually knocking the mecha down.  Then I gestured to the side, and instantly the mecha reacted.  It jumped to the left and avoided the attack.  The DK spun, the  circled and decided to aim for Gavin.

Gavin also started to get his bearings on the mecha.  Moving relatively fluently around the place.

'This isn't going to work.  We're going to need some firepower.'  I told Gavin.  Who agreed.

I looked around the control panel to find nothing containing the words: weapon, sword, gun.  I even tried looking for blaster, to no avail.

I dodged another of DK's incoming attacks.  There's got to be something.

The DK charged at me again.  And this time, I reacted instinctively and did the motion to unsheathe my swords.


I had my eyes closed at this part.  Then opened them again.  To find I was holding two (gigantic) swords.  Fending off the DK.

'OMFG.  How'd you do that?  They just materialized out of nowhere!'  Gavin asked, rather jealously.

'I just reacted instinctively.  I went to draw my sword, then... this happened.'  Gavin also did his sword-drawing motion, to find that his swords also materialized.

Now, we're serious.

Stay tuned for the conclusion of this perilous clash of the titans!

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