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Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Seems like yesterday...

Over 3300 views already.  It seemed like just yesterday that we were cheering and applauding the passing of the 3000 mark.



Wait a second.

It was yesterday!

Boy, have the hits increased over the weeks.  I remember starting my first blog post... seems like an eon ago now.

Probably was.

Oh my god.  I went on a walk today.  One of those countryside ones.  Lemme explain.

Firstly, why I went.  It was part of this program about being able to go to Holland after doing the walk or something (it was not until some time later that I found out it wasn't mandatory).  Plus, I was PROMISED food.  Yes, promised.  Remember that well.

The walk wasn't that bad.  And because we were generally lazy people we decided to turn back after walking... an hour or so.  Although my sister got all weak and I had to piggy-back her some of the way.  Argh.

We came back.  I wasn't actually that tired.  Despite being ill, playing (intense EXTREME) badminton the day before, and it being bloody sunny and hot.

I made my way into the restaurant/bar place.  Then this dude sticks his hand out and says:  'Where do you think you're going?'

'There.'  Points towards the door.

'I know that.  It was a figure of speech.  You can't go in.'


The dude was getting impatient.  'It's complicated...'

'How?'  I was doing it just to annoy him now.  Lemme tell you.  It's uber-funny when this sort of thing happens, and you gotta take what you get.  Although it was easy at school, there's always one person who gets annoyed more easily then the other.  I believe I've mentioned her before...

Anyway, all you need to know is that the conversation resulted in me not getting ANY food from the place.  Even though I was PROMISED (told you to remember).

Let's get down to the gritty stuff now.  Gavin has yet to post, probably because he can't think of anything to continue the story with... lazy b*****d.  Oh well, I always get the hard work to do.  It's always like that.

It's funny too.  Because I remember saying something about our group that makes a whole lotta sense.  "I'm the bus driver and if I veer of course... you're all gonna die with me."  I said that in Media, we were in a group of six.  Guess who did the most work?

I won't even need to tell you the answer.

Oh I'm sorry.  I digress.  The story...


I left it when the Demon King had transformed into a fully-fledged dinosaur thing.  And had started an attack towards us while we were injured.  Glen was also in the middle of his healing spell.  Whether we live or die, now rests on his shoulders...


Dust was sprayed all around by the resulting force of the blow by the Demon King.

Lewis and Glen were blown off of their feet by the force of the impact.  'A-Are t-they dead?'  Lewis stuttered.  His mouth full of dust.

It started to clear.

Are we alive.

When it finally cleared we could see the  DK above us.  Still in the pose of a strike.  But...

We were blocking his attack.

No way.  Our bodies pretty much reacted on pure survival instinct.  We were both there with our swords drawn in each hand (I had yet to draw the one in my mouth as I have yet to perfect using the mouth to draw a sword).

I looked up.  No one was moving.  But when I looked closer, our swords were shaking.  So was the Demon King's head.

We were pushing so much power into this clash it was unbelievable.  If only I can draw my third sword.

This carried on for some time.  The three of us wouldn't budge - couldn't budge.  Or else the enemy would tear us to pieces if we retreated.

'Why does this always happen?'  I said, breathing heavily.  My heart was pumping faster than it had ever before.  My eyes unwavering from the ugly beast's head.

'What does?'  Gavin replied, he was also breathing hard.  The DK was as well, it was now just an endurance race.  It was also like a staring competition.  Eyeing each other up - not wanting to blink in case we missed something.  In that respect we've won, we have two more eyes.  I smirked.

'You know,'  I paused for a breath.  'We pretty much defeat the boss.  Then he goes all super-ass aggro and transforms into a more powerful alter-ego iteration of itself.'

'Oh yea.'

There was no more talking after that.  All force and concentration was used in the deadlock of horns and swords.

Sweat broke from my forehead.  Undoubtedly it happened to the other two too.  I knew the DK did, but I wasn't sure about Gavin.  He could have been sweating buckets full of the things and I wouldn't know.  Concentration never left the enemy.

Although for a fleeting moment -just a millisecond- I looked over to Glen and Lewis.  They were back on their feet.  Staring, wide-eyed.  Do something!  Then my eyes moved back.

I'm not sure they got the message.  But it was the only thing we could hope for now.  Maybe they were too fear-stricken to react, or never saw my signal at all.

They did.

After a brief moment the DK burst out into a cry of pain.  And retreated backwards.

Now's my chance.

I drew my third sword with lightning speed, only the keenest of eyes could have followed that speed.

The DK now laid spread eagle on the floor in front of us.  A blood trickling out from the gash on it's left leg.  Caused by Lewis, no doubt.  As he stood there with his sword drawn.  He has drawn his first blood.

Glen was still in the same place he was before.  I was unsure if he used any sort of magical spell to help Lewis, but it didn't matter now.

We charged.

Gavin and I split apart in a pincer movement.  Lewis was watching our backs and waiting for openings.  Ain't we glad he learned a bit.

We danced around him like Indians (native Americans my head said) around a camp fire.  Slashing at any openings he had.  He had some, but not many.

It seemed when he transformed he exchanged his speed for power.  But it seemed an unfair trade-off, as he didn't lose much speed.  But gained some bad-ass power.

The wound on his left leg had already completely healed.  And the other injuries we caused were also healing.

Gavin and I stopped.  Each other on opposite sides of the DK.

'Seems like we need to take the head.'  Gavin spoke between his breaths.  He was nearing his limit.  So was I.

'Heh.  Yea.'  I drew in a quick breath.  'Let's see you regenerate that.'

'Puny humans.  He stand no chance in my ultimate state.'  He was also breathless.  But not as much as the two of us. 

This isn't good.

'Seeing as I've been wasting too much time on you two as it is.  Let's finish this in the next move.'  He said. 

Wait, that means he's reaching his limit too.

'Fine with us.'  Gavin and I said simultaneously.

'This ends now.'


What will happen?  What's going to be the ultimate moves released by the two opposing sides?  Will we ever have a 'gattai' (combine) sequence?

Who knows?  What I do know is that you'll find out either later today or tomorrow.

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