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Monday, 30 July 2007

DK vs Mecha

Lewis's party was amazing
WJUK nearly fell off the the banister, he was dangling off it it was pretty funny, i know he mentioned it but it was funny.
Also pile on's were happening, I recall one near the front door when i jumped off the stairs on to everyone picked up a bat and was hitting someone with it, it seemed like fun at the time.

On with story:

Armed with Mecha's with huge swords DK looked really worried now but he said as he has done before 'You won't be able to defeat me!'

WJUK mecha was slightly bigger than mine, it was probably stronger in attack but weak in defence.

I glanced around the cockpit of my mecha, gazing at various buttons, one stood out to me, it was small and nuclear green. 'Hey WJUK, do you have a small nuclear green button?' I curiously asked.

'Nope, I have a small black one with a skull on it' WJUK said, 'I aint pressing, it might blow up'

'I don't know, I have a feeling the self destruct button is the red un' I said back, resisting myself from pushing the green button.

'Just don't do anything stupid, Okay?' WJUK said with a laugh, 'Besides we can mess around later, right now we have DK to get rid off'' WJUK was serious now, all jokes stopped.

'Let's do this' I said back while gripping the controls but by this time WJUK had started to move in for the first attack with his new mecha.

WJUK swung his swords and DK his tail, the shockwaves what came off the attack was immense, Lewis had to cover his face and stand firmly to stop from getting blown away, WJUK attack was alittle rough moving but it was his first time, but his power was immense. DK's tail was undamaged, had his skin got tougher?

I pushed forward on the controls and my mecha dashed foward and swung both my swords at DK's head knowing beheading him was the only way to kill him but he got his arms up and blocked them, the attack was weaker than WJUK's. DK tail swung round and hit my mecha in what would be the my ribs. The mecha stumble back and my side were the attack would of hit me stung. The Mecha was connected to me mentally as well as physical, I had to be more careful.

'You alright?' WJUK asked.

'Yeah, but we take damage aswell as the Mecha be careful' I replied while still recovering from the blow.

WJUK took another swing at DK who spun to dodge it and wrapped WJUK sword's in his tail and held them tight and then jumped on top of my mecha knocking us to the floor and then start pounding his fists into the head.

I had to think quick, WJUK was tied up and I was getting punched in the face.

I reached forward and pushed the small nuclear green button and hoped for the best. My swords retracted and two plasma cannons swapped with them and photon missle launcher came out of my shoulders and a message popped up and the screen and a voice echoed 'Nuclear weapon mode entered.'

'Sweet!' WJUK excitely said to me 'How did you do that?'

'1 minute' I said back and pressed the red button which came out on the top of the controls, the photon missles fired at DK and sent him flying off and released WJUK swords. 'I pressed the small green button i told you about'

'Sweet, my turn' WJUK said as he reached out and pressed the black button with the skull on it...

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