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Friday, 27 July 2007

EBA... ~ Party Tomorrow

Sorry about yesterday.  :P

I didn't mean to forget to blog, but I was busy...

It's just that we have 8 people in the house - pretty much permanently for 2 weeks - and most, if not all, want to get onto the computer.  So it'd pretty hectic and everything.  But I fought off all contenders today in a BR-style, all-out, free-for-all...  rock paper scissors game.


And I also picked up EBA (Elite Beat Agents - DS) yesterday.  And I gotta say it's frickin' insane!

If you've known me long enough: 'frickin insane' pretty much means 'f*cking awesome!'

And it is.

It's basically a rhythm-based game, which I call DDR for your hands.  That's fun.  Sure.

But what makes it OOT-awesome is the story, animation, male cheerleaders.


You can't really call it that.  It's just individual people (or a dog, in one case) that need help.  And after a relatively long - but very amusing - process of assessing the situation, Commander Kahn just shouts: 'AGENTS ARE... GO!'  Then your off.

Then things get really out of hand.  In the first song/story chapter thing alone, you see a dude throw a hot dog into a kid's mouth, throw a kid (who's about to burst - if you get what I mean) onto a toilet and finally catch a kid skateboarding off a bannister.

And it gets crazier...

Let's just say... the grand finale is nothing less than... an ALIEN INVASION!  Oh wait, did I just say that out loud?  I meant it's awesome.


It's comic/manga style.  And adds to the unique and quirky feel of this game.  Basically, awesome.

Male Cheerleaders

Well, technically they are 'Elite Beat Agents' but male cheerleaders sounds so much better.  Dun't it?  They use the power of song, music and rhythm to solve people's problems (and in one case: bring a person back from the dead).

Definitely worth checking out, even if it's just a rental.

Oh and Lewis' party is tomorrow.  And it's gonna be awesome.

We're taking bets on who will fall down the stairs first - you know those awkward stairs that Lewis has.

I'm currently placing my bet on Ashley, seeing as he hurts himself the most.  His count it up to like 10. 

  • Stood on a (very very very small) nail.
  • Hurt his hand bowling (...bowling? - remember)
  • Got kicked in the foot by... Charlie, I think it was.
  • Some other stuff.

His odds are currently 2 - 1.  Coming in a close second is Daisy with 4 - 1 (which is surprising, really).  And after that, it's anyone's guess.  Probably Lewis with 7 - 1.

But I'll see how it goes tomorrow.


You know where to get all the gossip and information, right here.  On this blog.

Story... hm...

Gavin seemed to have ended the fight, but what will happen next?

The DK was down.

'Yattai!'  Glen shouted.  (Translation - "I did it!"  Even though he did hardly anything)

People flowed into the streets and rejoiced at the fall of the evil one.  We were being lifted up atop the crowd - all four of us.  When I looked back at the remains of the DK, it had turned into dust.  And was blown away.

Even so, no one dared touched the clothes that were left behind.  Just in case they get cursed.  They sure are superstitious.  So, around the corpse (or what's left of it anyway) were people.  Yet they dare not trample into the vicinity of it.

Then it was out of view.  People moved in the way.

I looked across and everyone was thoroughly enjoying themselves.  I let myself go too.  Hey, it was a time of celebration.  Why not?

For the next three days and three nights we celebrated.  People came from far and wide to join in the celebration.  The feudal lord issued a command that said the next few days were national holidays.  And will forever be known as such.

We were heroes.

We were offered money, gold, prizes, women, high official seats in the government - basically everything.  And we graciously accepted most of them.  Hey, you can't blame us.  Too many heroes/superheroes set a bad example, you should take rewards.  After all, you did the work didn't you?

But we knew, in time we'd have to leave.  So we enjoyed life to the full for a bit.  And it was good.  Beyond good, awesomely good.

A week or so later, I find myself back on the same street where we fought the DK on.

I'm standing in front of the dirty and half-covered remains of the so-called: invincible one.

A hand touches me on the shoulder.

I draw fast and spin around.  Ready to strike at will.

It was Gavin.  I sheath my swords.  'Don't do that.'  I merely said.

Gavin who flinched but was not fazed.  'Sorry.  I thought you'd be here.  What's bugging you?'

'It's nothing.'  There was something.  And Gavin knew also.  'It's about time we go.'

'Yea.  I'm gonna miss the riches, the food and especially the women.'  Gavin said.

We laughed.

I wiped a tear of happiness (or was it sadness) from my eyes and said: 'We could always take some back with us...'

'What?  The women?!'  Gavin said as if it's the most ludicrous thing he's ever heard.  But he was thinking along the same lines.

'Not only that.  Riches.  Food.  The works.  But we won't be able to take everything.'  Which was a shame really.

We walked off, discussing this prospect.  And the possibility of a next adventure.  But before it was out of view.  I took a look back at the remains of the DK.

Something is wrong...


What could it be?

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