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Friday, 20 July 2007

101st Post!

Ok, so maybe I didn't realise how many posts we've done until Gavin posted about it.

But, you can't blame me.  I'm a very busy man you know.

Places to go.  People to meet.  Beds to sleep.  Food to eat.

And it's all packed into one tight-necked schedule!

Eternal Vengeance?

Yes, please.


It's the new video from "JAMcreations" - who turn out to be a bunch of mine and Gavin's friends.  And I'm always happy to help a friend, so I thought I'd plug it here!

Direct link here.

It's good!  But according to them they're not actually making a movie.  Which sucks.  Because this could be a hell of a movie.

By the way.  Any Japanese people out there?  I would just like some translations of the subs.  I can some of it (because I can read kanji) but it makes no sense to me.

They also have more movies up.  Check them out at the following link.


I know, I know.  It was posted about two days ago.  But I wasn't internetically active at that point in time, so I only found out today.

So, anyway.  Story time!

Gavin last posted us having a conversation - and Lewis getting sulky about being left out - about Jill.  We determined something about her lying and what not.  Then we carried on our way.

Half an hour after our talk we reached a sign post.  It said:


There were words underneath but they were to worn out to be read.

'Crealud?  They've got some strange town names here.'  Lewis burst out.  Only to have Glen slap him across the face.

'Strange?  They sound perfectly fine to me.  Exquisite, even!'  This turned out to be an all-out row between the two that would last for days upon days.  But we hardly took any notice of this.

'I guess we'll drop you off at Crealud, Jill.'  I said to her.  Her face showed disappointment.

'It's for the best.  If you travel with us any longer, you'll be in grave danger.'  Gavin added to the persuasion.

Jill nodded knowingly, but didn't reply.  Just what is going through that girl's head?

We reached the town of "Crealud" and found that it was a bustling town.  People were travelling all over, exchanging hellos as they past each other.  Little children were running amok around the streets, without a care in the world.

Everyone seemed to know everyone else.  But most of all.  They trusted each other.

We continued to travel in on our horses and we did get some weird glances.  But the kids seemed to look in awe at the four-legged beasts they have never seen before.

A crowd gathered around us as we travelled down what seemed like the main street.  And we stopped.  In front of an inn.  There was no real places to tether our horses so we made do with some trees.

We walked in.  It was a bar-inn.  Where there was a bar downstairs and rooms to rent upstairs.  The talking immediately stopped when we entered.  Even the music being played at the back of the bar stopped.  All eyes were on us.

I walked on over to the barmaid - who was quite a giant of a lady - and said:  'We'd like to rent out some rooms.'

'How many?'  Her voice sounded deep, like a man's voice.

'Let's see.  Preferably 3 rooms.  But we could make do with 2.'

'You're in luck.  We've got more than enough.'  She leaned in close now and her voice dropped down to a whisper.  'Cos you see, not many travelers come this way.'

I nodded and paid her the required amount and we headed up to acquaint our selves with the "cosy" rooms.

Me and Gavin shared a room.  Lewis and Glen shared a room - partly because it would be funny to see what will the level of anger between them can rise too, and because they'd probably annoy us.  And Jill had a room for herself.

We entered with our luggage to find an old room.  Not used in years.  Although it was rather well-kept, there seemed to be an abundance of dust though.

I fell flat onto one of the beds - which I have now claimed.  And said:  'What do you think of Jill, then?'

Gavin who was unpacking replied without looking back at me:  'She probably won't stay in this town.'

I now looked up at the old ceiling.  'Yea, you're right.  She'll keep following us no matter what.'

Our faces looked solemn in the dusk light that shone through the dirty window.  We went a while without talking.  And when Gavin finished unpacking he also fell onto his bed.

He finally broke the unnerving silence by saying:  'Do you think we'd have to kill her?'

'Not if we can prevent it.  She is - afterall - human.  But if she tries anything funny, we'll have no choice.'

Gavin agreed.  'Suppose you're right.  We'll have to react fast though.'

I sat up and looked out the window.  'Anyway, we'll think about it when it actually happens.  It's time for dinner now.'  I got up off the bed and made my way downstairs.  The stairs were rickety and were also the kind where you had to put your feet alternately on each step.  It also didn't help the fact that it was steep.  It was almost a ladder.

The others joined me moments later and we had a hearty meal.  We did talk.  But mostly about trivial things.  A man from the bar also pronounced half way through our meal:  'Drinks are on me!'  We made sure we got our share of free drinks.

After the meal we went to our respective rooms for our night asleep on a bed in weeks.

But not all slept well that night.

Dun-dun-duuuunnn.  What do you think will happen next?

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