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Saturday, 28 July 2007

Party today!

Today's Lewis birthday party - although I'm sure his birthday was yesterday.  Nevermind.

Well, lemme see...

Not much else is happening.  The only real thing of note was what Gavin said to me yesterday about the post I did.  In these exact words:

'Your post makes me sound like a pervert.'

Along those lines anyway.  And we all know, it is mostly true.  LOL

By the way, random fact.  Pervert in Japanese is: 'Hentai'

But in western culture... let's just say 'hentai'  has a quite different meaning...

I've been browsing around a website called 'Oddee.'  And they have some funny stuff.


10 Unfortunate Business Names - LMAO at 'WTF' and 'Mammoth Erection.'

15 Unfortunately Placed Ads - Another really good one.

It's the second coming...

10 Real-Life Superheroes - Do you believe?

There's some other stuff there which is quite funny too.

Enough of plugging other sites though.

Now, I know I said EBA was insane yesterday.  Some may not have believed me.  So I thought I'd post a video of it's insaneness.

Trust me.  It is insane.

>Click image for larger, clearer image.





Please note that the video shows the replay - which is another awesome feature in the game.  If he was playing real time in the video, you wouldn't be able to see the screen.  So it's for the best.

To the story now...  and I have no idea what to do for it.

We rejoin our heroes just as they were about to leave the town, and maybe that time.  For good.

'You get everything packed?'  I asked Lewis as he was walking out the house with a giant bag.

'I think so.  It's more gold than I'll ever need... but, who doesn't want more gold?'  Lewis chuckles at his own joke.

Glen then comes out of the house, with nothing.  'It's about time I bid farewell to you as well.  As I'm sure you know, I'll be staying here.'

I nod.  'It's for the best.  You can probably take on some of the rogue demons that still happen to be around.'  He agrees and spouts something about national duty and crap.  I stop listening.  Then butt in.  'Besides, you'd get all the women, money and food.'

Glen blushes, looks down at his feet and shakes his head slowly.  'That's not true...'  He shuffles, still blushing, back into the house.  I laugh at this sight.  Reminds me of Gimely, I wonder what he's doing now...

<Cut to back home>
Gimely:  'I'm back!  Huh, there's no one here!'
Sees sign.
'What the?  *Reads out loud*  Sorry Gimely.  If you're reading this we're still on an adventure.  We'll be back soon.  Promise.  *Squints eyes to read small print*  Not.
<Cut back to feudal time Japan - the one with monsters and magic>

I laugh at the idea of Gimely seeing the sign.  We'd been doing quite a lot of laughing lately and have been taking it easy.

A hand touches my shoulder.  I turn fast, attempting to draw my swords.  But finding nothing there, I left them inside the house.

It was Gavin.  'I told you not to do that.'  I said.  Returning to a normal standing pose.

'Sorry.  Didn't mean to scare you like that.'  He looks up at the clear blue sky.  'You know.  I'm gonna miss this place.'

'And the women.'  I add in.

Gavin and I have another hearty laugh.  'Why am I always perceived as the pervert?'  Gavin says, half-laughing.

'Because... because... I don't know actually.  I'd have thought we'd perceive Lewis as the perverted one.'  I reply back, scratching my head.

'I heard that!'  Lewis shouts in the distance.  Still packing his stuff.  I look over and he's attempting to pack as much of the good food we've had these last few weeks onto the donkeys.  Dumbass.  That food won't last 3 days in the heat.

'Well, I guess it makes sense.  In a group of males; there's always the: stupid one, the perverted one, the leader one and the random guy whose part in the story makes no sense at all.'

'Touche.'  Gavin walks off, back into the house.  Probably to pack some more stuff.

I decide to take a rest for a while.  The last few nights I've been quite... how'd you say... quite busy.  I smirk without knowing.  Walk over to the porch at the side of the house and proceed to lay down on one of the wooden deck chairs.  It was hot to the touch, but I got use to it.

'RAAAAAAAARRRRR!!!'  A roar from... omfg... the street where DK was killed.

Fu*k, I knew something was wrong.  I thought as I jumped up.

'Hey everyone!  The fight's not finished yet!'  I yell towards the house.  I whistle for my horse, who immediately ditches all the package on his back and comes straight for me.

I leap over the waist-high fence and onto the saddle.  'I'm going ahead!  Meet you there!'

Just as I rode off, I saw Gavin running out of the house and jumping - in one fluid motion - onto his horse.  Lewis was not far behind.  Holding up what seems to be his trousers.  He was on the toilet.  LMAO.

No sign of Glen though.

I reach the start of the street and stop.

I look up, not quite believing what I'm seeing.  It was the DK.

H-he revived himself...

It seems our heroes work is not finished here.  That means more OOT ACTION!

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