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Monday, 16 July 2007

A big secret....

WJUK last posted and we had found a girl in the desert, whose name we didn't know yet.

As night came upon us WJUK starting to plan patrols incase of an attacks.

'We will each take 3 hour shifts with Gavin first, Lewis next and then Me' WJUK said

'What about me?' Glen said with slight anger in his voice

'No, we have it cover' WJUK said

Glen walked off muttering something under his breath and got his sleeping bag from the donkey's back

'Right, we best get some rest soon' WJUK said to Lewis 'Wake up the person on patrol when you finished Gavin'

While I was on Patrol nothing happened outside the tent but inside the tent on other hands the girl was looking at some papers but at the time we were unaware of this.

The papers she were looking at were wanted posted which said:

The overlord Demon King wants 3 travellers heads for unreasonable actions betraying the Demon King's order to over take the Emperor's castle, the reward will be one wish which the Demon King will grant.

The morning came quick but with an abrupt waking from WJUK throwing ice cold water over us

'Get up quick guys, we have alot of ground to cover'

Thats it for today

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