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Thursday, 12 July 2007

Prize Giving ~ The BIG 2000!

First of all! I'd like to say: 'WOOT! OVER 2000


As of this current moment there are 2018. Sweet. It seems while I was at prize giving we unconsciously passed the 2000 mark.

I would like to thank everyone for their support. I'd like to thank Gavin. I'd like to thank Kate. Lewis. I'd also like to thank my parents. My dog & cat - which I don't have. My dead fish: Fluffy. And I'd like to thank some other people. And finally, I'd like to thank -most of all- myself.

Talking about getting prizes... See how everything flows?

The prize giving ceremony award thing.

I was going to blog about it tomorrow, but seeing as I was going to make one for passing 2000. I though might as well put it here.

The ceremony was mediocre. To be honest, I'd never thought I'd find something more boring than a 10/20 minute speech from Ms Bowman. I was wrong. A 10/20 minute speech from Ms Wall was worse. Her voice was very monotone. I fell asleep for a bit. Before Lucas woke me up. But ssshhh.... no one needs to know that...

Now, onto the important stuff. The refreshments. Or for people who are intellectually challenged or just have sh*t for brains: the FOOD.

It was also mediocre. I didn't go in with high hopes. The crisps were hard, like they had been out the whole day. The other food, were ok... I guess. But I hated that they tried to put something 'healthy' on top of everything possible. Like putting a strawberry - which I swear wasn't fresh - atop some cream and what resembled a biscuit.

The lollies were quite good. Put the school just bought them, so that was obvious. I managed to grab a few. Nice. Tasty.

Oh, and I did get Outstanding Achievement. Ah well. That's about the third time I've had it in... 5 years I think. Another cup for the trophy cabinet (or in my case: shelf). But seriously though, I'm running out of space for it. I may have to allocate another shelf for the awards and stuff. But looking now... it also has a lot of useless crap lying on the shelf. A big book of Brainteasers - that has hardly ever been touched. Another random crappy puzzle orb thing. A model of a ninja... don't ask me about that one. Apart from that, it's all trophies and awards.

Oh, and the reason why this post is this late is because I was watching Epic Movie. Which was a fun film. Not as funny as it could have been, it showed potential. But all in all, an enjoyable one.

Sorry. No story in this post. It'd just be cheating if you have more than what you've already had today... wouldn't it now?

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