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Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Mario Kart DS Fun

Well, I totally lost track of the time.  Since we were playing Mario Kart DS.  We had 4 people going at the same time.  Using 'DS Download Play' which meant we only needed one game card.  People unfamiliar with this prospect, here is a small summary:

'In selected titles (Including but not limited to Sonic Rush, Mario Kart DS, New Super Mario Bros. and Meteos), it is possible to play multiplayer games with other Nintendo DS users using only one game card. The maximum distance for this to be effective is about 18 meters (60 ft). The Nintendo DS unit downloads the necessary data from another unit running the game. There is also a multiplayer Wi-Fi feature. At certain hotspots, or Wi-Fi enabled areas, you can hook up and play with DS owners around the world.'

More information here.

Lemme just say one thing.  I pwn3d everyone.  Despite two of them being young kids (about 10 years old) I still pwn3d.  Age doesn't matter in gaming, as long as your good at it.  I recall winning my uncle at 'Tekken 3' when I was about 8.  Basically, I came first in every race.  Won on every shine runners & balloon battle game.  Eventually, they had to put me in a team of crappy people to try and reduce my 100% winning streak.  Didn't work.  Still won.

I suppose I should get down to the gritty business.  The story.  I'm not quite sure what direction the story is going in, but at least it's going forward...  that's a good thing.

By the way, I'd also like to make it clear that most of the time:  Gavin & I have hardly any focus-group/brainstorming-sessions/mindmapping-sh*t at all, about the story.  They are pretty much totally made up on the fly.  Spontaneously.


In Gavin's (much) earlier post, we were acquainted to the emperor of the city.  And he posed a simple question.  But before we answer him, he allows us some thinking time.  A whole feast's worth!

'THIS FEAST IS EVERYTHING I'VE DREAMED ABOUT!'  I shout as I danced around in the large sea of people.  Laughing wildly and staggering about like a drunken mad man.  If I were anywhere else I would be locked up for indecent misconduct.

Gavin was also enjoying himself.  He was also in the sea of people, dancing along.  I moved towards him, pushing the people aside as I moved along.

'Hey Gavin!  Nice party, huh?'  I shouted.  I could hear the J-Music being played in the not-so-far distance.

'Yea it is!  I was a bit weary of using the lizard's meat as the food, but after one bite I was hooked.'  He replied, quite loudly.  So I could actually hear him over the ocean of voices now crisscrossing the town.

'I've decided.'  I cried out.  I don't think Gavin heard me.  But he saw the way my mouth move and nodded knowingly.

'So have I.'

'LET'S HELP THESE PEOPLE!'  We simultaneously shouted.

All at once.  People cheered around us.  It grew louder by the minute.  We were picked up and passed along the top of the (now-partly-drunk) crowd.

We reached the front of the crowd and was put down.  There in front of us was the emperor.  Who was also enjoying himself in the festivities.

'I see you've reached a decision.  Don't you need to infer with your little friend?'  He said.  And pointed into the distance.

I noticed immediately that he was talking about Lewis.  Lewis was definitely enjoying himself.  He was in the middle of a group of people.  Laughing and joking all the same.  This is probably the first party he's had in years.  No.  Decades.

'Nah.  I think he'll agree with us as well.'  Gavin finally spoke.  I turned back round to look at the emperor.

'Good good.  With you fine men on our side, we have the advantage.'  He said cheerfully.  He laughed heartily and downed a whole bottle of sake.  'For now, enjoy yourselves!'

'We sure will.  Even if you didn't tell us.'  I replied.  And we both jumped back into the crowd and rejoined the party.


'Argh, my head...'  I woke up on the floor of the street.  Many people still asleep around us.  'That was certainly an eventful night.'

I sat up and looked around.  Some people had woke up as well.  But there were many others that were still asleep.

I stood up and smelt my clothes.  'I think I need a wash.'

I scouted around, looking for the remnants of Gavin & Lewis.  Lewis was in the same place he was all night.  In the little circle of people.  Gavin was no where to be found.

I walked over to where Lewis lay.  I saw what he was doing all night.  He was teaching the primitive people beer games and card games.  There were a lot of sake all around.  And faintly, I could also detect the scent of urine.

Lewis lay butt-up on the floor.  Not far from where the bottles of sake and the cards were strewn on the floor.  I moved over and shook him slightly.

'Oi!  Lewis!  Wake up.  We've got stuff to do.'

'Five more minutes...'  He yawned and turned back over to his side.  Facing away from me.

'Fine.  You made me resort to this.'  I kicked him.  Hard.

'AHHHHH!!'  Lewis screamed, in his usual high-pitched voice.  'WTF was that for?'

'Not waking up.  You lazy b@$&^%.'

Lewis got up and started stroking his back-side, which I brutally attacked.  'Where's Gavin?'  He asked.

'Dunno.  He's not within visual range.  Let's go look for him.'

No need.  I saw Gavin.  Coming out from one of the alleyways.


He saw us and walked over.  'I needed a piss.'   Done like a true Gavin.  Short and simple.

I yawned.  I was still quite sleepy.

'Last night's party was awesome-'  Lewis started.  But he never finished.

Another earthquake stuck.  The ground shook violently.  Another monster.

I looked towards Gavin.  He nodded.  I know.

Lewis started muttering: 'Please let this be a hangover effect or a dream.  Please.  I'm not going through all that sh*t again.'

'Oh yes you are...'  I said, as I fumbled to find my swords.  They were beside Gavin's, at the other side of the street.  We both ran over and drew our weapons.

Maybe I shouldn't have drank so much...


Will the team defeat the next monster?  Or will their night of drunkenness, women and general tom-foolery be their downfall?  Will Lewis ever stop being a coward?

Find out tomorrow.

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