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Wednesday, 25 July 2007


Woah, I certainly cut it close today.  I was so close in missing this blog post as well.

For anyone that doesn't know, which is pretty much all of you, I just woke up.  And I'm f*ck-ass tired.  Really f*ck-ass tired.

Now, onto the post.

Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 is continuing to amaze me.  And I haven't even seen or touch the game yet.  The humour is so evident even in the promo art.  I just had to post some of these.



Funny.  This game is gonna be awesome.  Even if it is just the humour that is good.

The story.

Damn.  Why do I always end up doing all the epic boss fights that probably pack more action in than the whole story arc in front of it.


I should go on strike.

The last post saw Gavin filled with energy via some magic jumbo-mumbo that Glen did.  And he launched himself at the DK.

I jumped off the claw of the DK and landed squarely to him.

I started to feel... strong.  Powerful.

Yes, powerful.  So powerful, that it was beyond contention.


Gavin was still holding onto the DK's hand which was being thrown around fiercely.  I could see Gavin, he had clamped his legs around his wrist and was now slashing at will at (what would be) his wrist.

And since the DK looked pretty close to a T-Rex, his arms were small.  He couldn't really do anything with them.  Even so, the wounds were regenerating as Gavin was attacking.

We've gotta finish this in one go.

'GAVIN!'  I shouted.

He looked down, and saw me.  And cheerily gave me a thumbs up.

He's having the time of his life.

'GET DOWN HERE!'  He jumped off with no hesitation.  Landing perfectly in front of me.

'What we gonna do?'  He asked.

'Take it down in one go.'  I said back.

He simply nodded and we faced the DK.  He now regained composure.

We all got into a pose of a last and final attack.  The DK had his tail lifted high, and his teeth showing.  Ready to strike at a moment's notice.

We simply stood in an aggressive pose.

Nothing happened.

Neither side was willing to move unless the other moved first.

I'd laugh my ass off if a tumbleweed rolled by now.

5 minutes passed.  Then 10.  Then I lost track of time.  We were doing nothing.  The DK was doing nothing.  Glen and Lewis was doing nothing.

Then the anticipation reached it's peak.  No one could hold back the attack now.



Haha.  Tension builds.  You'll have to find out the climax next time.

I feel so evil.

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