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Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Not much - except tiredness

Not much happened to me today.  Which may or may not come as a surprise to you.  Originally I was going to go to town or the cinema.  Didn't.  Why?  CBA.  I woke up waaaayyyy to late to go.  So nvm.


I am tired though.  Two days of hard-ass, extreme badminton makes anyone tired.  Especially me.  Who is already tired in the first place.

Anyway, here is your daily fix of the awesome story that is:  The story that is still yet to be named but it totally awesome anyway.

We left our heroes... yada yada... I'm tired.  Read the previous post if you have no idea what happened last time.  Even though it was yesterday that you read it.

'WTF is that?'  I pointed at the big dull thing while simultaneously screaming my head off.

'It's a big, grey block. Duh.'  Gimely replies, looking pleasantly smug with his reply.

'Coooooooolll...  I want one.'  I'm adding this to my wish-list for Santa!

'Well you can't have this one!'  A voice.  Female.  I've heard enough to know.  From above.

I look up to see two silhouettes.  Right at the top of the block.

'<Insert evil female laugh here>  This is mine and you will never have it.'  The bigger silhouette said.  And with that they it she jumped off.  Followed by the smaller one.

There gonna die.  Idiots.

No scream.  Which is strange.  Heck, I'd be screaming if I fell from that height.  Down they fell.  Descending through the smoke - which was mostly gone now.

'Perfecto landing!'  The bigger silhouette said, merely metres above the ground.  And they both landed - well - perfect.  Not a scratch on them, despite jumping from a height thought unimaginable to jump from and survive.  Their very landing caused a shockwave which kicked up a lot more dust than when the block fell.

'Let me introduce myself.  I'm Kate.  I see you've met my minions already and seem to dispatched them all.'  She didn't sound very sad - despite losing many (or all) of her minions.

'Actually... you killed quite a lot of them too.  I should thank you for that.'  I said confidently.

'Oh, ok.  Opps.'  The shadow replied.  The smoke was beginning to clear again.

'What about me, master. Chi-chi.'  The smaller shadow said.  Somehow in a disgusting way.  The 'chi-chi' was him laughing I think. Oh great, another retard.

'Fine.  And here is my first bitch: Ashley.'

'Chi-chi.  Ashley feel very happy.  Chi-chi'  The laugh sent shivers up my spine.

'You haven't introduced yourselves... strangers.'

'I'm WJUK and that little penguin buddy is: Gimely.  He likes raw fish and generally coldness; additionally I also-'

'That's quite enough.  I said introduce yourself not tell me your life story.'  She spat out.

'If you want it that way than fine.'  I said in a apathetic tone.

The smoke had cleared now.  "Kate" was a female.  As I predicted.  Wearing extravagant battle armour.  Intricate designs plagued the helmet and the body.  Even her shoes were crafted with flowers.

Ashley, on the other hand, wore nothing but a loin cloth.  Thank god he's wearing somthing.  He was jumping about like a hyperactive, epileptic baboon.  Except his face was red, I'm not sure if his ass was - but I was hoping not to find out.  DAMN.  Every time he side-stepped his balls would drop out of his carefully-positioned loin-cloth.  And it was hideous.  Don't look at his penis.  Don't look at his penis.  Don't look at his penis.

It took all my will power just to prevent myself from looking down.  Although his face wasn't much better.

'Let's get this over with.  I have an appointment with the hairdressers in an hour.'  Kate finally spoke.

'Fine by me.'

'Sentou ryoku wa ku-sen ijou!'  I told Gimely.

'Didn't you say that for hm... let's see.  PRETTY MUCH EVERYONE?!'   He replied harshly.

'Yea.  But it makes me look cool when I say it.'

Both sides attacked.  I crossed swords with Kate.  Thank-god.  And Gimely was verses Ashley.  Strangely Gimely either wasn't concerned with Ashley's wardrobe malfunction or didn't notice yet.

No time to think of Gimely.  Must concentrate on "Kate."

The battle ravaged on.  Kate wasn't as fast as me, that was probably due to her heavy armour.  But her strength was - well - strong.  If it was a duel on brute force I would have lost easily.  But it's not.

A few strikes in and I found an opening.  Using my superior speed I managed to back-flip over her and that left her back exposed.

I slashed with all my might.

That slash cut right through her armour and came right through the other side.  She was practically split in half.

'That was surprisingly easy.'  I said to myself.

I looked over to where Gimely was and he seemed to have taken control of his fight.  Wait, what's this?

Kate's wound was re-forming.  Using sand.  WTF?!  No wonder she was leader.  That effectively means that she cannot be killed.

'Impressive.  You forced me to use my special ability already.'  She spoke, her voice sounded hoarse and dry.  Sandy.

She attacked.  I was still in shock and didn't release what was happening.  Her hands changed into tentacles of sand and came towards me.  I had no time to react.  I found myself pinned to the wall of the big grey block.  Sand slowly covering me...

What happened next felt like a blur.  I swear I heard Gavin's voice.  Then I passed out.


Could this be the end for WJUK?  Or will he somehow prevail like in every other show/story of this kind.  Find out soon...

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