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Saturday, 14 July 2007

Sleepless ~ Baking Bonanza

I got hardly any sleep last night.  I slept at 4/5 AM.  Despite getting off the computer about 1:30 AM.  Then, I was woken by my sister at 10 AM.  Yes, 10 AM.  Which gives me about 5/6 hours of sleep.  Damn.  Although I'm not feeling too tired now, I have a feeling I'm going to be fainting tonight or something.

The reason I was woken up so early was because I had to help bake some stuff.  I know, I know.  That's ridiculous.  But apparently there is some sort of party tomorrow and we need to bring some food.  So, I spent a big amount of the mourning toiling away at the wok - which I can use by the way.

Also, I just watched Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix.  It was good.  Going to see if I can see Transformers later on today.

For the sake of people who haven't seen it yet: I'm not saying a word.  Nothing.  Zilch.

See how good I am to you people?

Hm... the next installment of our ongoing story is below.  You can see how the creative juices of Gavin fumble in stuff like this.  But nevertheless, doing some MJ to set of spells.  Clever.  Very Clever.

Last time our heroes lesson was severely cut short.  But they were still able to learn one spell: the fireball.  With full Michael Jackson moves as well.

The ground shook more violently.  Some ceiling panels fell down onto the ground right next to Lewis.  It frightened him.

We proceeded to run out of the room and into the central plaza of the palace.  We couldn't believe out eyes.

A monster.  Twice, no.  Thrice as big as the previous one.

'I think somebody hates us up there.'  Gavin says as he points towards the sky.

'Somebody hates us big time.'  I reply, eyes unmoving.  Staring at the gargantuan task ahead of us.

'Anymore crack-pot ideas?'  Lewis asks me.

'This time... no.  I'm really stuck.'

'Maybe, I may be of assistance.'  The sensei (teacher) says.  His voice wise and old.  He sounded like he has lived for a long time, and not always pleasantly either.

'That would be magnificent.'  I say to the old guy.  'Do you have any ideas?'

'Oh... maybe one...'  His eyes admit a glare that shows he has thought of something devious.  Sh*t.  I have a bad feeling about this.

'GIGANTE!'  He shouts while doing a MJ spin.

I hear a deep rumble inside my head.  And clutch at my temples.  I look around.  Gavin and Lewis have done the same.  The rumble emitted a sound.  Chimes.  Wind chimes.  Was the closest thing I could think of.  It was elegant and glorious, and yet buzzed the name of the devil.  It felt like it was ripping my head apart.

The floor seemed to leave me.  It was dropping further and further away.  No.  I'm getting further away.

I had grown into the size of a giant.  Lewis and Gavin were also there.  Well this is larger than life...

The monster saw us immediately.  And we saw it.

It was a crocodile.  A giant crocodile.  I had to remind myself.  In our current states it looked no bigger than normal crocodiles are.  Ok, maybe a bit bigger.

'This has evened things out nicely.'  Gavin said smugly.

'Let's end this quickly.' 

Luckily our swords had grown to a giant size as well.  We charged.  Intent on destroying the thing with one strike.

We are now right in front of it.  Compared to our speed it was moving in slow-motion.

We swipe down onto it's head.


WTF?  Clang?  It should be *cut*, not clang.


The thing had armour, and by the looks of it:  miles of it.  Our primary strike didn't leave a scratch.  We doubled back to where Lewis was.

'Nice.'  Lewis said laughing at our failed attack.

'Shut up.  Why don't you have a go then?'  Gavin lashed out at Lewis.  Lewis shut up immediately.

'You won't hurt it that way.  Magic is the way to go...'  The voice of the sensei resonated in my head.  Gavin and Lewis seemed to have heard it as well.

'Well, I guess Magic it is.  Although I hate the prospect of trying out something we have yet to perfect.'  I smirk at this comment.

'We don't have any other choice.  Besides, it may be fun to try out something new.  Rather than just hack 'n slash and random food name attacks.'  Gavin laughs as well.  We all do.  For a moment, we forget about the dire situation we are in and laugh like we used to do.  Before our whole world turned upside down - before we embraced the upside-downiness.

'I guess...'


Gavin will have to think of how we kill the bloody thing.  Time for me to... sleep.  *yawn*

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