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Monday, 23 July 2007

THE BIG 3000!

We hit the 3000 mark and i'm sure WJUK will have a speech heading this way very soon so keep you eye out.

On with the story, action heading your way

WJUK drew his sword's, 'Let's take this outside Gavin' He said walking towards the door

'You've pissed him off now' I said pulling Jill towards the door. I walked outside and WJUK was involve with a fight with the DK himself. DK was normal sized but looked like a T-rex and human fused together and was wielding 1 big ass sword and had scales like blades coming off his elbows.

'Well done Jill, you have managed to bring these 3 vermin to me so I kill them' DK hissed, I was holding her with One hand by her arm and had one of my swords in the other hand, 'Jill, dispose of the one holding you, I will make sure the one with a sword in his mouth will meet his friend in the afterlife' as the DK said this Jill bit my arm and broke free and drew 2 daggers.

WJUK was already locked in a fierce fight with the DK.

Jill let out a battle cry and launch her first assult, she came dashing towards me and jumped into the air and starting to desend and was aiming straight for my head with both daggers. I dive out the way and Jill was already back on to her feet and running at me, I blocked both of her daggers and saw an opening, I stabbed my left sword towards her stomach but she dodged it easily, then I slashed downwards with my right but she jumped onto my sword, and took a stab at my head which I managed to duck away from but she managed to slice my hair off alittle.

'Haha, is this all you have got' I heard DK say, he was mocking WJUK, I need to finish this fight off quickly and help him.

I stood up and dashed straight towards Jill who broke out into a run aswell, as we got closer to each other Jill jumped again, I knew what was coming so i baseball slid under her and got up quickly and parried her daggers and unleashed a combo which involved several slashes, stabs and slices. She blocked most of the attacks but a few hit her, she was kneeling holding her side and lower leg, she was breathing deeply. Was she at her limit already?

I ran at her and stab her straight threw the head, she didn't even make and attempt to block it, she didn't have the endurance to take any hits, I felt alittle remorse for killing her but she betrayed us, it had to be done

I ran towards WJUK and DK who were deeply involved in destorying each other.

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