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Tuesday, 17 July 2007


Well, today I went to town and bought (yes, with money - unbelievable isn't it?) three games.

  • Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix (Wii)
  • Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)
  • More Brain Training (DS)

And I gotta say - I'm pretty pleased with my purchases.  I've been especially a lot on Animal Crossing.  Partly because I've been downstairs a lot of the time today.

But Harry Potter handles very well in it's own right.  There are some stuff to moan about, but nothing to major.

And finally Brain Training... well... I haven't played that yet.  Unfortunately.  Partly because of the reason I stated above and the reason that is my sisters been using it.

Funny too.  Because AC seems to appeal to me more than, well, training my brain.

Oh and one more thing.  OMFG.  There have been so many hits lately that it's almost not funny.  Almost.  And it's not from the same person.  As of writing: today there have been 91 pageloads and 74 unique views.  According to the stats.

Yesterday was even better!  134 pageloads and 103 unique views!

Thanks.  Although it's not as good people aren't leaving comments :(.  A blog is always better if people leave comments and it becomes a big blogosphere of happy commenting people and random flaming trolls.

ALWAYS BETTER.  hint hint.




If you don't get even after I've made it so BLATANTLY OBVIOUS that I want MORE COMMENTS than there is no hope for you.

Just another quick word.  As of right now.

My sisters and cousin are painting the room adjacent to me.  And it smells pretty good!

Who doesn't like the smell of fresh paint?

We struck a deal where: I did all the heavy lifting etc. to take the stuff out of the rooms and they paint it.  Sweet.  Worked out nicely for me.

Took me about 20 minutes to do.  But they've been at it for hours and still haven't finished.  I should make that more clear:

They haven't finished the UNDERCOAT.

Which is pretty frickin slow by my reckoning.


But I guess it's because they have been goofing off a lot.  Which tends to run in the family.  For no apparent reason, may I add.

Now for the story... probably the only creative thing on the whole of this blog.  Gavin left it at a pretty weird bit.  As we were wanted by the DK (Demon King) and I'm not sure what the hell should happen.

And Gavin also has a tendency to only blog after I blog which makes it harder for me.  Or him.  Depends how you look at it.  lol

We left the heroes at the start of another day.  With all of them wide awake they now set off in search for the Demon King.  Hey, wait... what's this?

'WAKE THE FU*K UP!'  I shouted at the top of my lungs.

Lewis stirred slightly and opened one eye to look at me.

'But it's still sooo early.'  He emphasised the "so" for emphasis.  Then he immediately turned the other way and continued to sleep.

I was getting impatient.  This had been happening for the whole of the morning already.  We could've trekked 7 - 9 km in that time that the little scumbag had stayed in his sleeping bag.

'Ok, this is the last straw.'  I cried at the useless bag of bones laying dormant in front of me.  'If you don't get up now... I'm going to blow your foot off.'  I was tempted to do it anyway, without counting.

'1...'  Lewis didn't move.  And I drew my gun.  '2...'  Lewis moved a little.  He was a tough cookie to crack when it came to sleeping.  '...-'  I said "3!" but the gunshot was too loud and no one actually heard me say it.  Lewis grimaced in pain and jumped straight up.

'ARGH!  Are you fu*king insane?!  You could've killed me.  Shooting at my foot just because I wanted to lay in for a few more minutes... geez.'  It wasn't until quite a few seconds later that he found that I didn't shoot his foot.  I missed on purpose.  Right next to where his feet were was a hole in the ground.

'You fell for it.  Now haul your ass outside.  NOW!'  I told him.  He ducked his head down, drew a hunchback and now left the tent waddling like a penguin.  Reminds me of Gimely.

I came outside into the bright sunshine of feudal Japan.  Only to find there was none.  What sunshine that was suppose to be out today was replaced by clouds.  Miles and miles of them.  Stretching for as far as the eye could see.  But there was no rain.

Gavin was talking to the girl we picked up yesterday.  Which we -unsurprisingly- forgot to ask the name of (yet again).

Lewis now started to pack up the tent he was sleeping in.  I walked over to Gavin & the girl.

'I see you finally got Lewis out of bed.'  Gavin pronounced clearly.

'Yea.  Was a right pain though.'  I replied looking at the overcast sky.  I now looked towards the girl, who sat yourself nicely on my horse.  'What's your name?  We failed to ask it yesterday.'

'Jill...'  Then a pause.  '...sir.'

I looked at Gavin and he looked at me.  There was a moment where we both tried to contain our laughter, but finally it was too much to can up and just throw away.  We literally laughed our heads off.  We laughed so much that we had to use each other for support (and partly the horse) to keep from falling down on the floor.  The girl, or Jill, gave us a puzzled look; like we were just released from a mental asylum.

Sir.  Ha!  The first time I've been called that.

I finally composed myself.  'Sir?  Haha.  That's rich.  Just call me WJUK.'

'Yea.'  Gavin wiped a tear from his eye.  'Call me Gavin.'  Gavin turned towards me.  'Funny how we always forgot the formalities.  Huh?'

'Well, I've always been a "shoot first and ask questions later" person.  And I'm pretty sure you're not much different.'  I turned back round to look at Lewis and Glen.  'And them two.  Well, let's just say they aren't the formal type.'

Gavin, as I, gave a little chuckle at my little remark at our fellow companions.  Even Jill joined in.  But compared to the previous laugh, this was a small wave compared to the previous giant tsunami.

'We're all packed up!  Let's go!'  Lewis shouted from behind me. Breaking the little conversation we were having.

'Ok.  We're coming.  Make sure we have everything.'  Gavin replied.  And proceeded to walk over to Lewis.

I was left with Jill.

'Ahem...  I think you'll find that the horse you're currently sitting on is mine.'  I said to her, she was gazing at Glen working his magic on some boxes.

'Oh sorry.  It's just that he'  She pointed towards Gavin.  'Said I should ride with you.  As the donkeys have no space.'  That Gavin... one day... one day... he'll get the full wrath of my rage.

'Is that so?  How about you ride with Gavin?  Or Lewis?  Glen's horse also has space.'  I nodded to the respective horses.  Gavin was already on his, as was Glen.  Lewis was in the process of getting on his.

'But... but... I like this horse better...'  Fu*k.  Why do I have to share a horse.  If anything happens it'll mean I'll have to protect this girl.

She gave those puppy-dog eyes that girls do when in situations like these.  She eventually broke down my will to live with them, and I gave in.

'Fine.  As long as you don't impede my progress.'  I told her sternly.  In a kind of "sir" way, now that I think about it.

'I won't!  I promise!'  She put a hand up like she was making a vow.  This was also done in a "please, sir" way too.

I shook my head and saddled my horse.  Jill made me sit behind her as she wanted to "enjoy the scene of the countryside without my head being in the way."  I was about to crack out a "No" when she started those puppy-dog eyes again.  Crap.  My one and only weakness.  Women - can't live with em, can't live with out em.

I cracked the reins and we were off.  Gavin not far behind, followed by Glen and lastly Lewis with the donkeys.

We continued to travel in a two by two formation.  Gavin and I at the front, and Lewis and Glen at the back.

The three of us (Jill, Gavin and I) were having our own conversations.  While Lewis and Glen (and maybe some of the donkeys, I'm not sure) were having their own.

Coincidently like what would happen on family car trips.  The parents would talk up front, while the kids... well, fight at the back.

We have some pretty fugly children.


I'll leave it there!  Hope you're enjoying the continued progress of the crew!

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