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Tuesday, 3 July 2007

The Reunion

Lewis and Me both were still recovering from the unknown blast but i was curious to see what it was, i regained my footing and broke out in a run drawing a katana just incase and Lewis screamed for me to wait up but i was 100% concentrating on the blast.

I reached were the Trolf base use to be and saw four figures but couldn't make out who they were. I waited for the smoke to clear and saw that one was WJUK who was engaged in a fight with a mysterious women. Gimely was fighting some strange looking ape man. The ape man was jumping around, trying to fight Gimely but he was no match for Gimely awesome penguin fighting style.

By this time Lewis had caught up to me and seem to be shaking with fear
"That....is....K...Kate...the..evil...overlord...and her....bitch...Ashley"

"Well tell that bitch to get some more clothes on, i can see he penis and man its disturbing"


"Look Lewis, WJUK is no ordinary fighter, he was trained by a Spider clan of Ninja, just like i was" and as i said this WJUK landed a deadly powerful slash to Kate's back

"See, she is no match for WJUK"

"But...she...controls sand"

With this WJUK was pinned up against the big block that fell from the sky...I had to help him.

"Lewis, stay here I will be back in a minute"

I stood up, drew my second katana, i knew it would be a tough battle.

I broke out to a sprint knowing WJUK had little time a leapt preparing for a DUAL SPINNING PIE SLASH (Ninja Spiders have a thing for attacks named after food) spilting the tentical into two and Kate let out a scream of pain, i dashed to WJUK who had passed out, picked him and retreated to Lewis.

"Take care of him"

I jumped straight out onto the battle field and began fighting Kate, I knew if i had any chance of beating her I needed help from WJUK

Kate in a midst of a furious rage grew six more tenticals, this just got a whole lot harder

She sent four of them straight towards me attempting to stab me in a deadly combo which I had to avoid at all cost

"You're no match for me" She yelled as one of the tentical cut the left side of my cheek sending me crashing to the floor.

I stood back up and Kate was charging straight towards me, I had to be fearless and darted straight towards her aswell. My sword met her Tentical of sand which now seem more reinforced as it didn't break. My swords and her Sand Tentical crossed, seven Tenticals came crashing down towards me I quickly evaded it and then had to fend off another on slaughter of attacks
WJUK wake up soon please...

Will Kate dominate Gavin and WJUK or will the two heroes come out on the winning side?

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