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Thursday, 12 July 2007

Prize Giving ~ SSBB video


Firstly, a quick video of SSBB.  It's 15 seconds long.  It's pretty much what was shown at the Nintendo E3 keynote speech thing.

Just thought I'd like people know.




Next up:  I almost forgot about Prize Giving tonight.  Gavin told me about it not long ago, or else I would have totally forgot.

According to Gavin, I won the outstanding achievement award.  Which is pretty awesome.  He won the Maths award.  Kris won the Modern Foreign Languages award.  Which doesn't make sense.  Why?  Because nobody took MFL.  Nobody.

How'd Gavin know about all this stuff.  He went to the rehearsal.  Yea, the practice.  I didn't even know there was a practice thing.  Oh well.  No harm done.  It'll be exactly the same as last year.  And the year before that.  And the year before that.

Oh, and Gavin has been flaunting his maths award to Daisy.  Which is funny in so many ways.  You'll have be in our year to get it.  It's because she's meant to be good at maths (the only real subject she is good at... thinking about it) and she didn't win.  Actually, her sister was also good at maths.  Anyway, it's just funny.

Daisy, if you are reading this.  Blame Gavin.

Just thought I'd also mention this:


Lemme just point something out if you haven't noticed already...

You see that rectangular slot at the lower-left of the guitar  (top left of picture) ... yea, you see it now...  a wiimote.

You know what that means...  maybe we can get points for jumping about and crap.  Maybe initiate a stage dive with a corresponding action...  The possibilities are endless.

I for one am definitely checking this out when it comes out.  Also with 'Rock Band.'



Finally, we have the continuation of the story.


So, Gavin managed to get in a sticky situation (no not in the turtles ear) but he is hanging from a high ledge.  Additionally, the others have their hands full too.  An army of small snapping turtles seems to have burst out from the gigantic turtle.  This is troublesome...

'Any ideas?'  Lewis asked as the turtles were getting ever nearer.

'How about hit all of them?'  I reply, knocking away the first row of turtles.

'That's insane!  There's got to be like a million of them!'  Lewis screams.  He also starts slashing at the ground around his feet.

'So?'  This turtles are surprisingly fast for little buggers.  What happened to turtles being slow?

Gavin was hanging perilously from a ledge.  Trying to pull himself up.  At least he is safe from the turtles up there.  Although a congregation of them are waiting below for him to fall.

He won't last long in his current state...

I ran towards Gavin. Knocking away the sea of turtles that blocked my path.

'WHAT ARE YOU DOING!  DON'T LEAVE ME HERE!'  Lewis cried.  He'll be able to hold out for at least a while.

'GAVIN! LET GO!'  I was about 50 metres away from him at this point.

Gavin did as he was told.  And fell.  The turtles below looked up.  Their jaws snapping hungrily.

Down, down...

I leaped forward.  As far as I could.

Time slowed.  Maybe I should have said let go later...

Just made it.  I just managed to catch Gavin as he was falling.

'Thanks dude.  You saved me there.  So how do we not get eaten by those turtles?'  Gavin says, somewhat reassured.

'Oh yea.  Crap.  Forgot about the turtles at the bottom.'

We fell.

I managed to put my feet up and push against the wall.  We flew for about 5 metres.   As we descended near the floor, I landed on one turtle.  Used him as a stepping stone and jumped.  I carried on -the turtles snapping at my feet- towards Lewis.

'TOOK YOUR BLOODY TIME!'  Lewis yelled.  Still slashing his sword around like a maniac.

'I had to pick someone up.'  I smiled as I said this.

I reached Lewis and grabbed him.  Holding Gavin in my right arm and Lewis in my left I jumped away from the turtles.

I landed and started to run.  Still holding the two under my arms.

'What the hell have you two been eating?'  I said in between my steps.  Neither of them replied.  They simply looked behind, watching the sea of turtles racing towards us.

'Wait.  I've got an idea.'  I turned 90 degrees clockwise.  And ran straight towards a wall.

Lewis screamed.

I landed a foot on the wall and proceeded to run up it.  When we finally reached the roof, I dropped both of them.  And they landed - hard.

'What do we do now?'  Lewis asks.

'We're surrounded by small snapping turtles.  What do you think we can do?'  Gavin replies harshly.

I laid down, regaining my breath.


How will the trio defeat the multitude of turtles?  Will they win against the odds?

Everything will become clear soon...

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