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Thursday, 12 July 2007


We were stuck on the roof, Thousand, No Millions of Turtles surrounded us

"We are lucky we aren't on ground level" Lewis said who was still alittle scared

"Don't speak to soon" I quickly replied peering over the roof ledge, the turtles were climbing up the wall.

"Since when do turtles climb up walls" WJUK said who was regaining his posture from laying down.

"Well since when can humans control sand" I answered

"You have a point", WJUK said "Looks like we have to fight"

We drew our swords, even Lewis managed to gather enough courage to fight, it could be because he is fighting turtles which are alot smaller than him.

The turtles came from all four walls, we spilt up each taking a third of the roof. The fight had started, the numbers were against us but going down fighting was the best way to do it.

Lewis was the first to tire from all the fighting so WJUK and me spilt the roof taking 2 sides each.

"We need to get off the roof", WJUK yelled over

We started to back towards the hatched door, Lewis opened it and climb in, followed by me, then WJUK.

We made our way down the house, and to the front door.

I kicked the door down and slashed a couple of turtles away.

Me and WJUK ran out while Lewis stayed in the house to recover, the turtles were moving down the house walls.

"We need some help quickly" I yelled to WJUK while fending off several turtles

"I know!" WJUK yelled back while in a middle of spinning slash.

With that there was a loud roar, almost like a battlecry.

The Japanese army came as reinforcements.

"Well thats the last of them" I said to WJUK as I collapsed to the floor.

"Yeah" WJUK replied

"The Emperor wishes to speak to you two once again" said one of the army member.

Find out what the Emperor wants to say next time.

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