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Friday, 20 July 2007

100th post!!!!

Thats right its the 100th post and we are edging towards the 3000 view

Anyways, onward with story

WJUK finished the last post with us finding out that Jill use to work for DK and that she managed to get the microchip needle thing out with out it exploding

'How about you help us kill the DK then Jill?' WJUK asked after a long period of awkward silence with the odd arguement from Lewis and Glen

'I wish I could but I'm on a mission looking for 3 outlaws who are meant to be very powerful' Jill quickly returned, Was she lying again?

'Who are these Outlaws?' I said

'I don't know what they look like or of their names, I was travelling to the Emperor's city to find out their names' Jill answered, Was this another lie?

'Well in that case we will drop you off that the next town or city' WJUK firmly said, Was he thinking what I was thinking 'But before that Me and Gavin need a chat'

We stop dead in our tracks and jumped off the Horses, WJUK signaled me to follow him

'Jill is alitte strange don't you think?' I whispered to WJUK

'Yeah, thats what i wanted to talk to you about' WJUK quietly said back 'I think those three Outlaws she was talking about were us, think about it, She said that she escaped DK, and is now hunting down outlaws, what if she is trying to earn our trust and kill us'

'Yeah, I was thinking the same thing' I whispered back 'Maybe she wanted to kill us on the first night we met but because one of us was awake at all times so she didn't have the chance.'

'We will just have to keep an eye on her until we can get her rid off'' WJUK whispered and then he turned his back and walked towards the Horses, I followed him.

'What was that about?' Lewis quickly said, he was looking angry, maybe because we didn't let him be part of the conversation

'We will tell you later' I said while mounting the horse

We carried on riding

So, Me and WJUK have our theory, find out if we were right or not soon.


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WJUK said...

Yay a comment!



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