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Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Tis' the season to be... er... unjolly (?) ~~~ NINJAS!

I'm not bad-mouthing Xmas or anything, because Xmas is awesome.  For years Xmas has long been one of the things kids wait the whole year for, and when it passes they eagerly await the following year's Xmas.  The only other thing that gets kids so excited are their birthdays, only because then you're the special one.  But if it's talking about festive spirit and all that crap, Xmas takes the mince pie.  See what I did there?

Anyway, things have been good lately.  My lXmasaptops awesome and everything's good, still waiting for the router though.  Oh, and did I mention, I'm blogging using my laptop right now.  How?  Let's just say I managed to find a access point...  let's just leave it at that.  I've had enough of illegal activity for the month.

So, what do I mean by the unjolly bit?  I hear you ask.  Well, I'll keep it short, sweet and straight to the point:



They are both maths exams.  And they aren't easy either, first there's S1 in the morning then there's C2 in the afternoon.  Boom!  Double whammy!  Yes, I just got hit by a one-two double punch.  And the bad thing was we got to vote on whether we wanted both tests on the same day or on different days.  D'oh.  To add insult to injury, I suck at revising.  No, seriously I do.  The only test I have ever ever ever revised for was the GCSE PE test.  And that was 10 minutes of playing games on BBC Bitesize (hey, it was revising).  I winged all my GCSE tests (and passed them with flying colours, if I may add - Refer to this post, if you don't believe me).

Now, I'm stuck doing two maths exams that are rock hard.  *sigh* Such is the life of a college student.  Maybe I shouldn't have signed up after all and went for some easier courses.

Well, nevermind.  What's passed has passed.  Let's stop dwelling over my sadness and move onto some entertaining personal experiences I've had since the last time I've really posted any.

Hm... hilariously entertaining personal experiences... oh, I got one.  This one is relatively new.  Today, we had to present our presentations of an analysis of a certain website.  Jamie and I chose the Halo 3 website (the only thing that sprung into our heads at the time).  So, we carried on.

And when it was time to present our work, he chose to do odd numbers and I chose to do even numbers.  Simple enough.  Nothing funny yet.

Then we reached the 11th (or something) slide and it was describing the 'Lead Character' which is, if course, Master Chief.  The picture we found of him was of him "crouching over a downed player."  Now, if you have any experience whatsoever in Halo's multiplayer component you'd have known I was talking about the ever elusive technique: 'Tea-bagging.'  And Jamie had the job of explaining the term to a rowdy class of 20 odd teenagers.  Nice.

It was hilarious, coupled with the fact that I added in speech bubbles for the characters (use your imagination).  I was literally bursting my guts for the next few slides.  Genius.


Another moment that I can think of, is concerning the posters we made one fateful day...

The poster was normally hung up on the wall, but the other day we walked into the classroom and it was gone!  *gasp*  This was the job for detective WJUK!  I quickly uncovered that it was Sue (our teacher) who had removed it.  At this point I thought she caught on to the numerous phallic images on the poster... that would have been an awkward conversation.  But no, she just moved it downstairs for the whole world to see for Open Evening.  Yes, that's right.  Out of all the posters available ours was chosen to take downstairs.  Well, naturally ours is the most awesome.  IT WAS 3D!  WITH A FRUSTRUM THAT OPENED OUT TO SAY: 'MATHS RULEZ!  LOLZ!'  IT CAN'T POSSIBLY BE MORE AWESOME.

I only wish I had an actual camera to take photos of it to share with you lot, but alas I'm broke.  So, things aren't looking well for people who are expecting presents for me this Xmas.  :)


Moving on.

What's 'NINJAS' doing in the title?

Well, lemme explain.  My business associate: Gavin.  Who seems to have given up on this blog, don't worry I haven't... yet.  Told me it was 'CREEP LIKE A NINJA DAY' and I can confirm that it is indeed true.  December 5th!  I vowed not to forget about it, but it's too late now since I don't get to creep around college and throw shruikens at people without the noticing.  *sigh*  Things just aren't going my way lately.  First, there are exams and now: NO SHRUIKEN ACTION?!  What has this world come to.

If only Gavin had told me earlier.

This cat possesses some 1337 ninja skills.  And shows the dog the fearsome side of his/her paw!


A final word.  Many of you may have heard of the Gerstmann/Gamespot incident lately.  Especially if you have been surfing the ever active blogosphere.

I feel inclined to have a say in this (hey, why not?  I have a say in pretty much everything else).  So here it is:

Gamespot sucks.

Shame on you GS.  I've actually been using your website as a reliable source of video game related news for a long time but now... I'm not sure what to think.  So, BOYCOTTED!

Short and sweet.  Just the way I like it.

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